I Say Old Chap, the Royals Are Not Coming? Tut Tut !

At a recent climate control conference in Paris, our Prime Minister passed Britain’s Prince Charles in a corridor, shook hands and extended an invitation for a royal visit to Israel. It will never happen, according to British reports, as long as the conflict persists between us and the Palestinians.

No British royal can visit Israel, a democratic nation, but they certainly can and do make visits to some of our dictatorial, autocratic neighbors, and there was no hesitation for members of Britain’s royal family, including a former British king, to visit with Adolf Hitler in Berlin.

Never mind. We rid ourselves of British rule and government in May 1948. There is no hurry for us to welcome a member of the former mandate’s royal family. Anyhow, we prefer our national beverage to be an Aroma espresso or a café hafuch from Cup O Joe or Café Café. Charles can sip his tea with Camilla at Windsor or Buckingham on those rare occasions when she is invited.

So much hypocrisy in this crazy world of ours. Sweden’s female Foreign Minister condemns us for our “extrajudicial” policy toward Palestinian terrorists. After all, if three of them stab only one of our soldiers, is it really necessary for us to shoot and kill all three? The more the merrier is not our policy but Sweden and all the other nations on this upside-down globe need to be reminded that our blood is precious and we will do all within our power to kill with justification anyone who attempts to shed it.

Considering all the hate directed at us we really should consider ourselves quite lucky. If we were to apply for admission as a member of the United Nations now, be assured that our request would be overwhelmingly denied. Thanks be to God for the benevolent nations who voted for our admission in 1949.

And then there is the American Secretary of State, the merry Kerry, who warns us that if we don’t hurry up and make a peace agreement with the Palestinians our Jewish State of Israel could disappear and will be turned into a bi-national state with an Arab majority. If that were to happen, poo-poo, God forbid, we could deny the Palestinians the right to vote for any and all national elections, leaving them to vote for only the mayors and town officials of the places in which they reside.

I, for one, see no possibility of a bi-national state. The Palestinians themselves would disapprove of it, demanding governance of the entire land. They will never live to see it. Neither will Mr. Kerry, nor the Swedish Foreign Minister, nor Prince Charles. There is only one Israel and it is ours and ours alone.

Jews and Arabs who live in this land and who have citizenship have equal rights. Arabs serve in our Knesset, on the bench of our Supreme Court, and on several government committees. Some of our finest doctors and specialists working in our hospitals are Israeli Arabs who were graduated from the medical schools in Israel.

40 percent of Palestinian women seeking abortions which are illegal in Palestine come to Israel to be treated in our hospitals. Parents, brothers and sisters of members of the Palestine Authority come to Israeli hospitals when serious surgery or medical treatment is needed.

Our hospitals also treat patients who have come to us from Saudi Arabia. When Palestinians and other Arabs need us, they know our address and they know how to find us. And they are also comforted in the knowledge that they will not be turned away.

So on these eight days of Chanukah when we are not watching our cholesterol nor counting calories, let us enjoy eating our sufganiyot with a steaming cup of coffee and let the royals enjoy their crumpets and tea. I say, old chap, who needs them? Ta ta!

About the Author
Esor Ben-Sorek is a retired professor of Hebrew, Biblical literature & history of Israel. Conversant in 8 languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish & Dutch. Very proud of being an Israeli citizen. A follower of Trumpeldor & Jabotinsky & Begin.
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