IDF Kills Terrorists and Some Media Outlets Refuse to call them Terrrorists

Israeli soldiers get their combat vests on and helmets as they climb into their patrol car as they regularly have done since they arrived at their base months ago.

Mostly uneventful when they go on patrol the soldiers just look out the window of the vehicle for twelve hours until other soldiers switch them out.

As they travel through the city of Hawara and see the main restaurants, banks and stores on the main street; a carcass of a dead sheep hangs on the window of a local butcher (something most people in the western world do not see every day).

As they leave Hawara and travel towards Havat Gilad, the lush green landscape of Samaria with its many hills could make an amazing painting in someone’s home.

Soldiers looking at their smart-phones just counting the hours until they can go back to base to sleep.

All the sudden they hear really loud bangs on the vehicle, because the car is armored no one is hurt, but there was an attempt to finish their lives.

Israeli military dispatches different units to hunt down the would be assassins using electronic surveillance and human intelligence.

Two weeks later three Palestinian Terrorists armed with M-16 are trying to get another chance to murder Israelis.

IDF soldiers with the police special forces surround the car as the terrorists raise their weapons towards them.

Soldiers and police open fire killing the terrorists in their car with over eighty bullets entering through the windshield and none of the soldiers or police are scathed.

Refusing to accept the reality that the IDF killed terrorists many media outlets have used the situation to twist the story and make it seem as if Israeli Security Forces murdered innocent people in cold blood.

Al Jazeera article covering the story has the headline, ” Israeli soldiers open fire at car killing Palestinians.”

Anyone who is unfamiliar with the event by just reading the headline would think Israeli soldiers are trigger happy psychopaths who just randomly murdered Palestinians.

Al Jazeera used the word ” Palestinians” instead of using the word terrorists to purposely frame Israel as the aggressors and the terrorists as victims.

Al Jazeera article continues:

“The PA’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has called for an international investigation into the killings while the PA cabinet described it as a “heinous crime”.”

Quoting the Palestinian Authority who provides pensions for terrorists and incites violence against Israelis are being taken seriously.

According to the PA its a heinous crime for soldiers to shoot terrorists in self-defense on terrorists who were plotting another attack.

At the same time the article accuses Israel of systematically murdering Palestinians while denying Jewish victims of Palestinian terror as the article states:

“During the same period, an ultraorthodox Jew was injured after being allegedly stabbed by a Palestinian attacker outside the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.”

Language being used in the article is casting doubt of whether the event actually happened by using the word ” allegedly.”

Security camera footage from the police proves the word use in the article “allegedly” a lie to the unknowing consumer of news.

Maureen Clare Murphy a blogger from the Electronic Intifada wrote a blog titled, ” Israel executes three men in Nablus.”

Murphy’s who point as is to demonize Israel and paint the three terrorists as innocent with one of her videos in Arabic has the title ” The Heroes of Nablus.”

Murphy writes in her blog:

“Israeli occupation forces extrajudicially executed three Palestinians in Nablus on Tuesday afternoon. Forces reportedly belonging to Israel’s Yamam “counterterrorism” police unit entered the northern West Bank city in two civilian vehicles and intercepted the car in which the three Palestinians were traveling, according to an initial investigation by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights.”

Murphy does not use the word terrorists for the three Palestinians killed and quotes the Palestinian Center for Human Rights whose staff has ties to terrorism.

According to NGO Monitor several of the staff were involved with the terrorist group the PFLP and many of the staff have been denied visas to enter countries because of their involvement.

NGO Monitor states:

“Raji Sourani, founder and director of the PCHR, was “prohibited from leaving Palestine (sic) from 1977 to 1990.” According to a 1995 article in the Washington Report , Raji Sourani served “a three-year sentence [1979-1982] imposed by an Israeli court which convicted him of membership in the illegal Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine…” He was also denied a US entry visa in 2012. Sourani was imprisoned an additional three times “in 1985 and 1986…”  and held in administrative detention in 1988. From 1986 to 1987 he was “restricted from legal work for one year by an Israeli military decision issued by the Israeli Military Governor.”

Sourani being part a terror organization and now running an Anti-Israel NGO put the credibility of this NGO to a zero because no person can believe what a terrorist would tell the world.

Sourani is not the only person in the staff of PCHR, rather several other staff have been linked to the PFLP.

PCHR has twisted reality to fit their own agenda while ignoring terrorism against Israeli civilians and making terrorists into victims.

NGO monitor states:

“Nizar Rayan, a senior Hamas military commander, and members of his family were killed in an IDF airstrike on January 1, 2009 during the offensive. Despite Rayan’s status and the weapons stockpile located at his home, PCHR classified Rayan as a “civilian,” called his death a “hienous crime” and demanded that its “perpetrators and their military and political leaders must be prosecuted.”

PCHR deliberately lied by classifying a Hamas military commander who is a legitimate military target as a civilian and called his death a crime.

In no way can anyone take the PCHR seriously for any statement and Murphy quoting them as a source only blemishes her credibility as a factual blogger.

Al Jazeera and Electronic Intifada has a clear objective to demonize Israel at any opportunity even if it means lying by saying terrorists are civilians.

Consumers of such news outlets need to be aware of who this outlets quote and understand their agenda to demonize an entire country.

About the Author
Shlomo was born in Miami, Florida in 1989 and moved to Israel in 2012. He holds a degree from Florida Atlantic University in Political Science and served in the IDF as a combat soldier in the Netzach Yehuda Battalion. After serving in the military Shlomo studied in Yeshivat Shavie Hevron where he lived in Hebron. He now lives in Kiryat Arba, is a proud reservist in the Golani Brigade, and is a blogger for the Times of Israel.
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