IDF, Marines and NATO in action around the World in 5 minutes

For quite a number of years I have had the privilege of documenting various militaries around the World.

Starting with the IDF within all of its branches, even getting to fly with the IAF on several occasions. On top of that, I have been privileged to fly with and travel to many branches of the Armed Services, whether it be the US Marine Corps, Air Force or even embarking with the US Navy of the coast of Iran. I have been to NATO’s Northern Flank in Lithuania where tensions with Russia have been high since its invasion of the Ukraine, as well as Moscow and London. I always strive to show fans of my work what it looks like through my lens, recently I have been adding video to the mix of my stills. This video is the second I have produced from the material of my various articles.

USMC F-35B © Yissachar Ruas
USMC F-35B © Yissachar Ruas

Most of my work can be found on Arutz 7 and in Israel Hayom as well as many more publications around the World.

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I work in journalism as a freelance photojournalist, I write and produce special features for INN (Arutz 7) related to Policy and Military issues I also contribute to magazines such as Air Forces Monthly as well as Israel Hayom daily newspaper among other publications.
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