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Iran launched some 185 drones, 110 surface-to-surface missiles, and 36 cruise missiles at Israel.

I literally saw them come overhead towards us as my family near Jerusalem were forced into the safe room.

If it wasn’t for the brilliance of Israeli technology, the IDF and our allies and neighbours in support it would have been a different outcome. The fact that we are alive and unscathed  to tell the story is a testament to our ingenuity, strength and innovation.

Iran showed the world their true cards last night. For those who refuse the see where evil lies you just have to see how a fundamentalist regime previously hiding in plain sight took up a direct attack launching missiles at targets including the holy city of Jerusalem – a city that Jews, Christians and Muslims hold dear. I hope they are truly held accountable for their actions and that their pursuit of a nuclear weapon is permanently stopped.

As we head towards Passover, we must reflect on last night with thanks and gratitude. For the religious of us myself included it is with faith and for all it is with gratitude for the many many who performed their roles with exemplary fashion in defending us.

Last night was not the work of our elite troops and ground troops (my son included who have borne such a load) but was the work of our IAF, civil defense, intelligence, cyber and so many others together with the support of our allies. To each of these I am grateful!! You are heroes!!

These are young kids and adults that span our religious and political divide and who pulled together. We have our differences as a nation – between left/right, religious/secular and a hundred other cuts but our soldiers worked together as one.

We have dark days to come but we are at our strongest as a united people and rather than immediately turning in on ourselves as I am seeing from elements across the spectrum let’s use this as a moment to double down on the hard work of all who fight on our behalf and stick together.

The message of Passover (literally what happened last night) is unity – let’s live it. Like the story of the Pesach Seder with the 4 sons – we continue to recognize that we are all very different but ultimately one family that is able to work together despite our differences.

Once again thanks to the men and women of the IDF!!!!

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I live in Yad Binyamin having made Aliyah 17 years ago from London. I have an amazing wife and kids including a son in Special Forces and two daughters, one soon to start uni and one in high school. A partner of a global consulting firm and a Parkinson's patient and advocate.
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