If kobane falls…

The history of the modern world is no better or worse, no more or less tragic, no more or less bloodier than the history of the ancient world.

For more than three centuries,  modernity  has brought  us into  new rules, new laws and liberal thoughts, but we are not yet completely free. Good people who hold significant power often do nothing to prevent evil from prevailing in other corners the world; But they should.

Although nowadays there are modern countries, international law, and a relatively fair judiciary system in many countries, there are places that exist still today 300 years in the archaic past while nothing is done to prevent the continuing suffering within those cultures and communities.

We are all citizens of Kobane or Ayn Al Arab, the notable Kurdish city in northern Syria near the border with Turkey, which is falling into the hands of the assassin group ISIS, better known in the Middle East as “Daesh”. Being that we all belong to free countries and to societies which hold ethics and universal moral values, we should stand up and protest against our rulers who are not doing anything (especially in demonstration of public moral support) to help the Kurdish population of this small town to be completely destroyed and its inhabitants left to be murdered or kidnapped.

Over a week ago, news revealed that two Kurdish soldiers have killed themselves in order not to be kidnapped by the Daesh terrorists. Now imagine how many Kurdish soldiers, mothers and wives have lost their lives fighting or had to take their own life not to fall into the hands of a ruthless group that lusts in concepts of the seventh century! The brave Ceylan Ozlap and Deilar Kanj Khamis lost their life to avoid falling  into the hands of a group that the Western world ignores. Combat by air already proves ineffective, while the current president of Brazil wants to “negotiate” with the men of Daesh.

The world has evolved but its entering a setback. Probably 30 years ago, less barbarism would be enough for countries to invade territories and protect citizens of massacres and genocides. What we see happening in recent years in Africa, Darfur, Somalia and today in Syria puts us in a place of shame and dishonor.

We, members of Western societies, must demand that our money spent on taxes to build a national army, be reversed to also protect humans in danger at times like this and not just our own people and country. We should not exclude nor forget the other needs such as aid for natural disasters, epidemics or the very countries that mobilize to help them, but this isn’t enough. Where is the help for the people of Kobane? Where is the government of Turkey and Mr. Erdogan who loves to criticise Israel but  does nothing to prevent a massacre of an entire city 400 km of his country’s border? Where is Mr. Obama who won the Nobel Peace prize and did nothing to honor his prize?. Where is Mr. Cameron who already saw on television the murder of two British citizens?

If Kobane falls, part of us all will fall and never return with it. We will always remember that we could have done something and did nothing. While we could have saved the Kurds, Kobane, their history and their culture, we did nothing. One day, history will judge us for not having done a thing. If Kobane falls, part of the civilised world will fall with it while Daesh and their rejoicing radical peers will be the only beneficiaries.

About the Author
André Lajst, originalmente de São Paulo, fez Aliah em 2006. Ele estudou Bacharelado e Mestrado na IDC Herzlyia onde se especializou em Governo, Politica, Contra-Terrorismo e sobre o conflito árabe Israelense. André serviu ao exercito de Israel por 2 anos onde foi pesquisador na força aérea. Hoje André mora no Rio de Janeiro onde é Diretor Executivo do Hillel Rio. André também é palestrante sobre diversos temas de Israel e conflitos na região. Andre Lajst, originally from Sao Paulo Brazil, came on aliyah in 2006. He studied for his BA and MA at the IDC in government, specialising in Counter-Terrorism, Middle East and Homeland Security. Andre served in the Israel Air Force as a researcher for two years. Today André lives in Rio where he is the Executive Director of Hillel Rio and lecture troughout the country about the Israeli Palestinian conflict and peace process. Andre can be reached at : andrelajst@gmail.com
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