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If Not Us, Who Will Tell Israel’s Story

Pro-Israel supporters in the United States keep asking, “What we can do to support Israel?” We can tell the stories the mainstream media ignores and educate people on the history of the conflict, highlighting that there has never been a Palestinian state.

The lack of historical understanding surrounding Israel and the Middle East is troubling. Since ancient times the Jewish people have always maintained a presence in the land. The advent of Zionism saw the Jewish people return in growing numbers beginning in the 1880’s which led to the establishment of the Yishuv, a state in all but name only. Following World War II and the Holocaust the Yishuv established itself as the modern state as a homeland for the Jewish people.

There has never been a Palestinian state in this region. Iranian/Qatari propaganda has deceived many, particularly those on college campuses, by suggesting that Israel has usurped a Palestinian homeland that never existed. The Palestinians could have had their own state if their leaders had not consistently rejected peace agreements with Israel. Israel earnestly seeks peace and has repeatedly reached out to Palestinian leaders, only to have those Palestinian leaders consistently reject any Israeli peace overtures.

How do we know Israel wants peace with its neighbors? The Abraham Accords. The Abraham Accords served as a demonstration to the world of Israel’s desire for peace. As the Palestinians stepped back from the peace negotiations, Israel sought to establish peace agreements with other nations in the region. Israel has forged normalization pacts with Bahrain, Morocco, and the United Arab Emirates. The burgeoning connections between Israelis and their counterparts in the Abraham Accords are proving mutually beneficial for all involved parties. These strengthened ties make it increasingly challenging for these nations to engage in conflict against each other.

Sadly, Israel is no stranger to bloody wars, initiated by its enemies, yet consistently won by Israel.

On October 7, 2023, the scale of the Hamas terrorist attack was unprecedented, the deadliest attack on the Jewish people since the horrors of the Holocaust, with over 1,000 Hamas terrorists invading simultaneously. Hamas shamelessly live-streamed the atrocities, showcasing to the world what it was inflicting upon innocent Israelis. The horrors included torture, rape, and taking hostages to use of human shields. Israelis are still grappling with the trauma of 10/7 and will continue to feel its aftershocks.

Hamas also introduced the world to agricultural terrorism on October 7th, flooding Israeli fields, destroying equipment, and brutally murdering agricultural workers. Their message was clear: deter anyone from working in Israel.

This war cannot conclude until Hamas no longer poses a threat to Israel and innocent Gazans.

Hamas’s disregard for the rules of war is evident. They built terror tunnels in Gaza, purportedly to protect their people, yet demonstrating their utter disregard for the lives of innocent Gazans, a fact the media outlets conveniently ignore.

A vocal minority in the US is painting a distorted picture of American support, so the silent majority must speak out now to counter these narratives. We must unequivocally stand with Israel in this battle against this Iranian terrorist proxy. It falls upon us to tell the truth about Hamas and rally behind Israel’s defense.

It’s Pro-Israel advocates, like me, telling Israel’s story to friends and families, and, most importantly, telling this story to the United States Congress to correct the distorted view of a vocal and misguided minority. The silent majority will not be silent anymore. We will vocally stand with Israel and support our ally in this war Israel did not want but a war Israel will win.

About the Author
Keith Beardslee is vice president of Seen Read Heard. He specializes in managing the public profiles of CEOs, major corporations, national trade associations, candidates, and public policy campaigns. Previously he managed the day-to-day communications for Congressman Billy Long and Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer. Keith began his career in the office of Governor Matt Blunt. Keith visited Israel, sponsored by AIEF, in the fall of 2017 and spring of 2023.
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