Ettie Kryksman
Ettie Kryksman

If Truth Be Told

In the not too distant past, when I was a student, we were taught the difference between “fact” and “fiction.” Many of our tests required answers of either “True” or “False.” During my years as a teacher, the objective of some of my teaching lessons was to teach students to differentiate between “truth” and “opinion.”

Today, however, the lines have been blurred to the degree that when a college student told Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, that she is heartbroken by the ‘fact’ that Israel is committing “ethnic genocide” against Palestinians, the VP simply nodded her head, as if in complete agreement, and responded not by correcting the student’s egregious and completely false accusation, but by praising her for expressing “your truth.” What could be more revealing than the words “your truth”?

What the student believed to be “truth” was in actuality a fabricated fiction further embellished by the Vice President’s willing role in this pretense.

Israel has never committed “ethnic genocide” against Palestinians (or anyone else) to which the marked increase in the Palestinian population can certainly attest. Nor have we witnessed these supposed victims of genocide, the self proclaimed Palestinians, clamoring to escape from Israel, as had the Jewish victims of an actual ethnic genocide – the Holocaust- desperately but mostly unsuccessfully tried to escape Europe’s death camps and Hitler’s genocidal “final solution.” On the contrary. Instead of clamoring to escape the ethnic genocide that is supposedly in progress in Israel, the Palestinians are actually clamoring to stay.

During her first year as congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib said that the mere mention of the Holocaust gave her a “warm feeling” as she recalled the Palestinians in Israel “welcoming” the Jews who fled there during the Holocaust to escape certain death. Tlaib’s remark, though generating some mild form of protest from Jewish leaders, did not result in any meaningful correction of her “truth,” which was actually an egregious lie. The Palestinians in Israel, far from welcoming the Jews who managed to flee Europe to British Palestine, instituted pogroms and massacres, such as the Hebron massacre where Jews were slaughtered, not welcomed, by Palestinian mobs.

Yet Congresswoman Tlaib was not only allowed to have her “truth” and to maintain her position as a US Congresswoman for a second term, but she still sits on prestigious committees while sharing her woke “true” lies from her congressional pulpit.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar shared her “truth” as well when as a freshman Congresswoman she accused Jews of dual loyalty. “It’s all about the Benjamins, baby,” she said, bemoaning the influence of AIPAC in Congress. Her “truth” was allowed to stand, and her antisemitism was explained away as a misunderstanding because of cultural differences of expression. Truth was again turned on its head. Omar continues to serve on various congressional committees and was elected to a second term in Congress. Because her lies have been upheld as truths, she is now quite comfortable accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians, and voting indignantly against allocating US funds to Israel for the Iron Dome Missile Defense System while she claims the “Apartheid State of Israel” was slaughtering Palestinians.

In “their own truth” the Palestinians are the self proclaimed indigenous people of Israel whose land has been stolen from them by the Jews. Their truth is that Israel has no right to exist because the land rightfully belongs not to the Jews, but to the Palestinians. This is a lie that has been bolstered at the UN and mainstreamed into the false narrative of Palestinian accusations against Israel upon which movements such as BDS have been built.

No doubt the lessons of yesteryear are not the lessons of today. Students are not taught that truth is the opposite of falsehood. While it is true that two people have the right to disagree on how they see things, this is a matter of opinion, not truth. Opinions can vary, but they cannot be accepted as truth when they are based on lies.
Yet today students are taught that we each are entitled to our own set of “truths” which do not necessarily have to be factual. You are what you feel yourself to be regardless of medical reality, regardless of how you were born. The past is irrelevant, the present is “fluid,” and truth is conditional and subjective. Objective reality has become so “unwoke” as to be irrelevant.

Even in areas of the curriculum where you would think there is less room for debate, such as math, students are taught that if you assume there is only one correct answer to simple math examples in addition and subtraction, you are exhibiting your privilege based on race. It does not matter that in those simple examples there can only be one correct answer. Again, objective truth is subject to woke ideology.

That is why a student can utter the most outrageous lies and “her truth” will be good enough. Former Senator and US Ambassador to the UN, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once opined, “You are entitled to your own opinions. But you are not entitled to your own facts.” This is no longer the case in our woke reality.

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Ettie Kryksman is a teacher and free lance writer who whose articles have appeared in various publications.
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