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He was born in Poland in 1881 and died there in 1948. In his lifetime, Poland no longer had a king. But he was the closest person to being a king. The most prominent man in all of Poland. And he hated Jews.

Wanting to rid Poland of its 3,500,000 millions of Jews, he proclaimed to the Polish nation in the late 20’s and early 1930’s “zydzie do Palestyna”. We don’t want Jews in Poland. Let them go to Palestine.

According to the historical facts revealed in Wikipedia, in 1936 he published a 5,600 word document called “Problem Zydowski” (the Jewish Problem) in which he wrote:

“So long as Jews remain Jews, a Jewish problem exists and will continue to exist. It is a fact that Jews are waging war against the Catholic church, that they are steeped in free-thinking, and constitute the vanguard of atheism, the Bolshevik movement, and revolutionary activity. It is a fact that Jews have a corruptive influence on morals and that their publishing houses are spreading pornography. It is true that Jews are perpetrating fraud, practicing usury, and dealing in prostitution. It is true, from a religious and ethical point of view, Jewish youth are having a negative influence on the Catholic youth in our schools”.

He then goes on to find some redeeming features about Jews. Very strange and unusual, as he continues to write in the very same document: “There are very many Jews who are believers, honest, just, kind and philanthropic. There is a healthy, edifying sense of family in very many Jewish homes. We know Jews who are ethically outstanding, noble and upright. One may love one’s own nation more, but one may not hate anyone. Not even Jews… it is forbidden to demolish a Jewish store, damage their merchandise, break windows, or throw things at their homes… it is forbidden to assault, beat up, maim, or slander Jews. One should honor and love Jews as human beings and neighbors”.

However, these “kind” words about “some Jews” referred only to those Jews who were converted to Christianity.

He continues his anti-Jewish stance with an explicit condemnation of Jewish culture and also for Judaism’s rejection of Jesus. Contrary to his “kinder” words, he wrote: “It is good to prefer your own kind when shopping, to avoid buying in Jewish stores and Jewish stalls in the marketplace… one should stay away from the harmful moral influence of Jews, keep away from their anti-Christian culture, and especially boycott the Jewish press and demoralizing Jewish publications…. We do not honor the indescribable tragedy of that nation, which was the guardian of the idea of the Messiah and from which was born the Savior.
When divine mercy enlightens a Jew to sincerely accept his and our Messiah, Jesus Christ, let us greet him into our Christian ranks with joy”.

He suggested that Christian Poles should avoid using the services of Jewish doctors and Jewish lawyers. He urged boycotts of all Jewish businesses.

One must remember that these words were written in 1936, three years before the outbreak of war.

Although he had always condemned the Nazi persecution of the Jews, he created a great controversy after the war in 1946 when surviving Jews returned to their former homes and property in the large city of Kielce.

His remarks to the Kielce pogrom of 4 July 1946 in which dozens of Jews returned to their homes in Poland after their survival from Auschwitz and other death-camps in Poland and were brutally beaten and murdered by Polish neighbors who did not want to return the Jewish property, was his denial of an anti-Semitic act. He described it only as a reaction against Jews who were serving the communist regime.

His 1936 negative statement urging all Jews to get out of Poland and go to Palestine tragically saw three million Polish Jews only going to their deaths. Many survivors went to Israel in 1948. And the remnants of the Jews who remained in Poland were driven out in 1967-68.

Miraculously, there has been a rebirth of Jewish life in Poland today. Jewish culture is thriving. But knowing past history in Poland, for how long?

Polish readers will be upset with these words. But Wikipedia does not lie. And these very words are still preserved in documents now in Polish possession.

The writer was not a king of Poland. He was, however, the Catholic Cardinal and Primate of all Catholic churches, monasteries and convents throughout Poland.

His name was Augustus Cardinal Hlond.

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