If You Kick Rep. Greene Out, Democrats, Then Rep. Omar Must Be Banned From The US


I just heard that Rep. Greene was removed from her two committee assignments by House Democrats because of her past actions and remarks.

But what about Rep. Omar and her past actions and remarks? Democrats have done absolutely nothing about those numerous Anti-Semitic remarks by the same woman who clearly supports the Palestinian cause over America, Israel, my fellow Jews and Israelis.

Why have Democrats done nothing to punish Omar for her past behavior when she admits taking terrorism classes and calls those terrorists of 9/11 “some people who did something”?

I seems useless continuing to reason with House Democrats who will not listen.

Think About This My Fellow Jews And Americans

Israel banned Omar from entering our country. Omar has said nothing good about Israel or America from the time she began her term in office. That includes the time she stood up in Congress accusing Israel falsely of being an Apartheid country. And now Omar is going unpunished for those remarks and is not being investigated for any other past charges for which there is ample evidence.

It is now the duty of every American Jew to wake up to the fact that from now on the violence on the streets and the Anti-Semitic attacks by Omar and the other Squad members will be tolerated by the Democratic Party.

This should never have been allowed to happen.

This further proves Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was absolutely correct for banning Omar from our country and Democrats must now take action to do the same.

If not, my fellow Jews, the Jewish nation of Israel is anxiously awaiting your arrival on the next available plane.

Look at it this way, in Nazi Germany Jews had no Israel to come to.

Today Israel is home to nearly 7 million Jews.

We all should thank G-d everyday that Israel now exists.

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Born and raised in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. Married to a South African, we lived in Johannesburg from 1979 to 1996. Made Aliyah with our seven children on Parshat Lech Lecha. BSB Accounting Degree from the University of Minnesota. Investment Portfolio Manager /Fundamental And Technical Analyst. Wrote in-depth research on companies, markets, commodities for leading financial publications. Served in the US Army Reserves Semi Retired spending quality time with my wife, children, grandchildren and attend Kollel while analyzing current events as they relate to Torah and Mitzvahs.
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