Judy Weleminsky
Judy Weleminsky

IfNotNow, Then When?


I sent this email enquiry to #ifnotnow on 3 August 2018 and I am awaiting a response:

All your information makes clear that you are against the occupation by Israel of Palestinian areas. However, I searched your site and could not find any indication as to whether you think this should be unconditional ending of the occupation or whether you would expect it only to happen if certain requirements were met on the Palestinian side. Please could you advise me if your policy is against occupation under any circumstances or what requirements you would expect to be guaranteed by the Palestinians?

To clarify further it would be helpful to have responses to the following:

  1. If Israel were to carry out your request to end the occupation, what do you believe would be the consequences going forward? How do you expect the Palestinians to behave in response?
  2. If the Palestinians in Gaza remained under Hamas control and Palestinians on the West Bank came under the influence of Hamas/Iran/Hezbollah and as a result significantly upped their aggression against Israel what response would you expect from Israel? What in your view would be legitimate response?
  3. Israel is militarily much more powerful than the Palestinians, nonetheless the Palestinians are able to cause significant damage through their use of rockets, flaming kites, tunnels, infiltration etc. Assuming these would all increase if Israel stopped its occupation (to assume otherwise would be to ignore repeated history and current situations) how much assault on Israel would you believe that Israel should absorb before responding with potentially overwhelming force? Eg if rockets aimed at Ben Gurion airport effectively prevented it from operating, how long would you suggest Israel allows such a situation?
  4. How much bloodshed on both sides would still make the policy of ending the occupation worthwhile in your view?

I would be very grateful for your responses on these issues


Judy Weleminsky

Pro Israel, Pro Palestinian, Pro Peace


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Founder Pro Israel, Pro Palestinian, Pro Peace. Chair Jewish Resource Centre at the University of Roehampton, trustee of (Jewish) Renaissance Publishing. During her working life (now retired) she was Chief Executive of a number of UK national charities including the National Schizophrenia Fellowship, National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Community Matters. Judy has served on the board of two national quangos including becoming a whistleblower.
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