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Ilan Omar Must be Expelled From The Foreign Affairs Committee

The United States and Israel are allies and friends. They have enjoyed a special bilateral relationship ever since President Truman recognized the formation of Israel on May 14, 1948. The alliance between our two countries is significant and important because our countries have shared democratic values and principles as well as geopolitical and security interests in the Middle East. Unfortunately, this special relationship is now under attack by the liberal left and by Democratic members of Congress.

As a Jew, I am concerned by Nancy Pelosi’s and Congress’s failure to act in a decisive manner denouncing the anti-Semitic tropes made by Representative Ilhan Omar. Every Jew, indeed every American, should be alarmed by Congress’s failure to condemn Omar and her anti-Semitism and by the media’s failure to call out Congress for its lack of resolve in condemning Omar.

Last month, I wrote an article warning about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s creation of false narratives to justify her use of anti-Semitic tropes as she spewed hatred of Jews and Israel. My article discussed Omar’s strategically crafted deployment of an age-old smear tactic: the attempt to minimize the increasing number of global anti-Semitic attacks against members of the Jewish faith and Israel while simultaneously delegitimizing Jewish participation in the American political process by implying Jewish sympathies are sold to the highest bidder. Omar alleged, with no evidence or facts in support of her spurious claims, that a corrupt lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), regularly buys the loyalties of American politicians. AIPAC was founded in 1963 and has served to promote and strengthen bipartisan Congressional support of the US-Israel relationship based upon shared interests and values.

When pressed, Omar offered a fake apology that reiterated the same anti-Semitic tropes with different wording.

And these are not the only examples of Omar’s anti-Semitic beliefs. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American congresswoman and another Muslim woman serving in the 2019 Congress, have, on numerous occasions, voiced their support for the BDS movement. Rashida Tlaib, invoking the anti-Semitic dual-loyalty canard, commented that lawmakers who support penalizing participants of the “boycott, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) movement “forgot what country they represent.” In 2018, US Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, stated, “There is only one word for the BDS movement against Israel: unquestionable anti-Semitism.”

Congresswoman Omar, a member of the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, is once again back in the headlines as a result of her biased, indefensibly appalling words about 9/11—a terrorist attack committed by Islamic terrorists, where at least 3,000 innocent people were murdered and 6,000 were injured. In referencing the attack, Omar stated that “some people did some things,” She made this comment during her keynote speech at a gathering organized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). The United Arab Emirates claims CAIR is closely connected to Hamas, has been designated by many countries as a terrorist organization with extremely shady fundraising activities. Omar’s “revisionist history” is out of touch with reality. A civil society can never move forward without learning lessons from our past. Transparency, truth, and sunlight need to be utilized as powerful disinfectants to combat and unify the extreme polarization we face.

Omar also has other very troubling issues and relationships that need to be explained immediately, particularly her relationship with Linda Sarsour.

Ilhan Omar, on her first day in Congress, posed for a selfie with Linda Sarsour (pictured below). Sarsour has expressed vile, hateful anti-Semitic views and has been connected to many designated terrorist organizations. Sarsour is also a staunch supporter of sharia law. While discussing immigration, Sarsour stated, “Our number one and top priority is to protect and defend our community; it is not to assimilate and please any other people and authority… our top priority and even higher than all those other priorities is to please Allah and only Allah.”

Ilan Omar and Linda Sarsour

More concerning is the truth surrounding Omar’s United States citizenship. Several media stories have been published that question the legality of Congresswoman Omar’s status as a US citizen. Numerous claims have been made that Congresswoman Omar’s citizenship was obtained fraudulently by committing immigration fraud.

The Associated Press has reported that compelling evidence exists showing Congresswoman Omar married her brother Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. Omar and the Democratic Party have suppressed and hindered official verification of the records to prove or disprove the truth of these allegations. Omar has refused to provide immigration records and birth certificates.

Furthermore, Omar has refused to provide a list of her siblings, and a freedom of information request for her immigration records was returned, explaining that Omar would need to authorize the release of these records. Numerous social media accounts support the contention that Omar married her brother and committed numerous frauds and federal felonies.

Enough probable cause exists for the Department of Justice to investigate Ilhan Omar, but if anyone dares ask probative questions that may prove embarrassing, the Democratic machine and their media hacks deploy social media’s electronic lynch mob to smear them as a white nationalist, a racist, a Nazi, and even Hitler himself! Will we ever uncover the truth? It’s highly unlikely US officials will ever help. Maybe Russia or WikiLeaks can help—just like last time.

Allowing Representative Omar to remain in Congress, let alone affording Omar a seat on the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee, sets off alarm bells heard around the world and demonstrates to all that Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party have lost their way.

To serve in Congress should be a privilege and should allow you to act on behalf of your country by upholding democratic principles and values. Instead, we have identity politics, social justice, and judging people on the basis of immutable characteristics—these are not traditional American values.

These are dangerous times that are becoming more dangerous by the minute. The lunatics are truly running the asylum, and they only have two sets of rules: if you are a moderate Democrat or conservative Republican, you’re screwed; if you are a new progressive Democratic socialist, you can get away with murder.

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