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‘I’m an Entebbe survivor’ I know Gaza hostage fear

Benny Davidson, Entebbe hostage survivor (image courtesy of author)

Israel’s collective spirit is rekindled.

After eight months of street protests, of political turmoil and the societal divisions it scored, the nation has responded in unity to the terror committed by the Hamas savagery of murder, rape and kidnap committed on October 7th.

The people have risen “ground up, not bottom down” in the best ideals of Israeli and Jewish society.

The IDF, the collective “us” has brought Israelis together once more.

And it’s a phenomenon our podcast guest says will change both the Middle East and Israel for good.

Benny Davidson is an Entebbe hostage survivor. Now aged 60, Benny was just 13 when he and his family were among those rescued in the legendary Israeli raid in July 1976.

He gives talks across the world on hostage trauma and says he’d go anywhere to do so.

This episode is his insight into what the hostages are going through and what can and should be done to get over 200 babies, the elderly and whole family groups out of hell.

He calls for more support for hostage families, which he and his brother Ron have already started to do.

His parents are still with us, in their late 80s – and he pays them a stirring tribute in love and respect. It was their quick thinking under pressure at Entebbe, which he says helped to form him.

Benny also pays a deeply emotional eulogy to Yoni Netanyahu, brother of the Prime Minister, Benjamin, who commanded the elite Sayeret Matkal unit at Entebbe. He gave his life that day.

LISTEN or WATCH (with subtitles) the stirring words of Benny Davidson.

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