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Imshin’s #TheGazaYouDontSee through their own eyes

@Imshin AKA Jacqui Peleg

The mainstream news channels are stuck in a tiresome stream of programmes which you well know misrepresent Gaza and Israel.

They ignore key facts and amplify voices from just one side (with honourable exceptions, of course). The world’s media would have you believe Gazans are helpless, living in an overcrowded prison camp, unable to escape their predicament, sitting ducks to Israeli aggression.

It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Hamas leadership needs the bleeding hearts of Europe, aided by mass media to continue underwriting UNRWA and other NGOs which only extend the war another day, year or even longer.

But when you strip away the Hamas videos, ordinary Gazans don’t view themselves as victims at all.

They’re resilient, creative, great cooks, they eat good quality meat, fruits and vegetables. Wouldn’t you if you lived off the Mediterranean coast?

How do we know? They upload hundreds of videos about themselves, their lifestyles and their views, freely available for all to see.

And here’s Imshin who chronicles it all, a voice you certainly won’t hear on mainstream news. She doesn’t suit the story. It’s a great shame because her sources are impeccable and transparent.

Our guest today describes herself as an amateur Gaza watcher, her highly valuable resource is documented on Twitter or X under the handle, Imshin. 

Imshin, real name Jacqui Peleg paints a vivid picture of Gazan society through the eyes of the people themselves.

There’s revelatory detail in every answer from Jacqui, including the accidental superstar Mr Fafo who went from little known YouTuber to worldwide attention.
You’ll hear how Joe Biden’s lack of support over Israel’s Rafah mission only helps to bolster Hamas inside Gaza.

This is a gripping interview from start to finish, full of insightful observations and detailed revelations.

This is “The Gaza You Don’t See”. This is Imshin, Jacqui Peleg.

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