In 2016, It’s a Relative Choice

Since Donald Trump won the Republican Party’s nomination for the presidency, the Jewish community is at a standstill in terms of who to support. When Trump said he would favor a neutral posture in his handling of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations as President, many in the pro-Israel community were justifiably concerned. It was only further disconcerting when Trump insisted on maintaining a neutral posture; doubling and tripling down relentlessly as per his typical political strategy on all issues.

But something seemingly changed many weeks later. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Trump was asked point blank whether he would demand a freeze of settlement construction as a pre-condition for peace talks. His answer seemed unequivocal — NO. His speech at AIPAC certainly afforded him a platform to express his support for Israel. He reiterated that he had been Grand Marshal of the Israel Day Parade during a time when it was unpopular to do so. His endorsement of Prime Minister Netanyahu and his relationship with Bibi that seemingly extends many years over, gave some pro-Israel supporters a reason to ease up on any concern they may have originally had concerning Trump’s tone toward Israel.

But since clinching the nomination it seems that we’ve begun to see the pro-Israel community flock toward Trump. Not necessarily because of who he is or what he stands for, but rather because of what the alternative would mean.

That brings me to my main thesis. For pro-Israel supporters, the 2016 presidential election is a relative choice. It’s not about loving Trump or loving Hillary. It’s about which of the two would be better. And the answer is clear — Hillary Clinton would be an awful president toward Israel.

We all remember the images of Hillary kissing Yasser Arafat’s wife. But it’s not even these disturbing optics that trouble me most about what a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean for Israel. As secretary of state to President Obama, Hillary Clinton was charged with the responsibility of carrying out the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

Not once did she even hesitate to give Prime Minister Netanyahu a cold-shoulder or show utter disdain toward our nation’s lone ally and friend in the Middle East.

Regardless of whether you are a supporter of Hillary Clinton’s or not, the question must be asked — If indeed a supporter of Israel, how could she have stayed silent as the worst President toward Israel conducted himself in such an abhorrent fashion throughout his Presidency.

It’s this that ought to concern the Jewish community. A Hillary Clinton presidency would be four more years of Obama. And that means four more years of maltreatment of Israel. We cannot allow it. Stand with Trump. Even if you disagree with him from time to time; we cannot allow a third term of Obama-type of maltreatment toward Israel to commence. Support Trump.

About the Author
Dr. Nadia Kiderman is a dedicated community activist involved in pro-Israel causes.
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