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In Crazy World…

When I was a child, my best friend and I created “Crazy World”, a world where everything was all wrong. You washed your hair with peanut butter and jelly, rode to school on a Pega-corn (when a plain old Pegasus or unicorn just won’t do), and only had to go to bed at a million o’clock.

Now that I’m a grown up (of sorts), Crazy World looks a bit different.

Here’s how I see it now…

  1. In Crazy World, we boycott, divest and sanction the most technologically advanced nation in the world. We ban interactions with the one country that has the most sophisticated and life-saving medical developments on the planet. And we use the very technologies that they have provided to the world as a tool to promote the BDS B.S..
  1. In Crazy World, we never learned any lessons from the past. The Judenfrei of the 1930s evolves into the Zionistfrei of the 2010s and no one sees the frightening parallels. In fact, we go so far as to deny them.
  1. In Crazy World, the Imperialists have the smallest country on the planet, rather than the largest. So small, in fact, that you can hardly see it on a map. Their fight is only for land that was already granted to them.
  1. In Crazy World, the Racists are the ones whose country offers fair and equal rights to all races, religions, colors, and creeds…not to mention all sexual or political orientations.
  1. In Crazy World, we see the underdog as the country with a known terrorist military and broad international support. Likewise, we label as a victim, the country that seeks to cause as much indiscriminate death and destruction as they possibly can.
  1. In Crazy World, Apartheid is equality. It can only exist in a fully racially integrated country where every single person benefits from the same equal rights as every other citizen.
  1. In Crazy World, the only country that the world demands open borders from is the one country that is surrounded on every single border by enemies with known terrorist infrastructures whose undying intent is to enter the country and destroy it from within.
  1. In Crazy World, defense is offense. And defense isn’t allowed. Neither is offense.
  1. In Crazy World, Genocide is where a country that is forced into war warns all the civilians of the enemy country to vacate the area where they will be conducting tactical missions in order to do everything they can to ensure minimal casualties. If the presence of women, children, and civilian is known, the genocidal country will actually call off the attack.
  1. In Crazy World, you can’t believe anything you read. The media only reports biased propaganda, half-truths and blatant lies.
  1. In Crazy World, 3000 years of history never actually occurred and everything is up for revision.
  1. In Crazy World, the one country that takes the deepest pains and restraint not to go to war and not to inflict collateral damage is accused of war crimes. Using women and children as human shields, intentionally drawing fire to schools, hospitals, and houses of worship, building underground tunnels to carry out terrorist attacks, and bombing as much as possible to kill as many people as possible are not war crimes.
  1. In Crazy World, the world governing body allows the worst offenders of human rights to sit on its Human Rights Council, and the greatest threats to global peace to sit on its Security Council. Likewise, it dumps 50% of all its disciplinary resolutions against one tiny country—a democracy—even in the face of true genocide, terrorism and mass murder occurring on a massive scale in other countries surrounding it.
  1. In Crazy World, we give credence to people who deny the greatest human atrocity of the modern era despite massive reams of indisputable documentation, the memories of survivors, and the admission of the perpetrators to the crime.
  2. In Crazy World, you cannot win. You can only lose. No matter what.

Which leads me to ask in anger and frustration…what kind of crazy world are we living in, anyway?

About the Author
Shana Meyerson is a proud member of the World Jewish Congress's Jewish Diplomatic Corps and AIPAC. Professionally, she is an internationally acclaimed yoga instructor, based out of Los Angeles, California.
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