In honor of Beau’s memory — please make that phone call President Biden


In a TOI article by Lazar Berman published February 8, the headline reads “As Netanyahu waits for Biden to call, some fear four years of busy signals”.

It seems that until Biden does call, the final two words could have been changed from “busy signals” to “a disconnected line”.

It is very hard to understand the message Biden is trying to send.

But one thing is for certain, Biden’s actions are not consistent with a speech he gave here alongside the Israeli PM on Wednesday, March 9, 2016. The full speech appears on the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs site and here is a small sample of what Biden, who was Vice President at that time, said:

“It’s true that Prime Minister Bibi and I go back a long way. I joked some time, a long time ago when you were at the Israeli consulate, we met outside of a, in a parking lot outside of a restaurant where I was meeting with some American Jewish leaders, and we became close friends and I later signed a picture for you that I, as a joke I said ‘Bibi, I don’t agree with a damn thing you say, but I love you.’

We’ve been friends, our families have been friends, you have come to know my sons, my daughter you’ve met, and I have made it an important part of my family’s life that as my children and grandchildren approach the age of 15, the first place I’ve taken them is in Europe, to Dachau, the second place is to Israel. And my deceased son Beau who died eight months ago – and thank you for your great personal concern, and I know you knew him – I brought along his two children who are ten and twelve, whose grandmother is Jewish and got raised in a Jewish family, their mum, because I want them to see that they’re not too young to understand all of what you talked about: that this is a commitment (to Israel) that goes deeper than security, and I appreciate your welcome.

 I Ask You President Biden To Show The World You Are Still Close Friends With Bibi — Your Son Beau Would Be Proud Of You

There is much more to that speech but I wanted to focus on the fact that President Biden has never forgotten his son Beau. And neither have all Israelis forgotten their relatives who died in the Holocaust or were killed in terrorist attacks.

During Vice President Biden’s speech, he also said the following:

But all kidding aside, it’s been a close relationship. And it’s been one that is of consequence not only for Israel but for the United States and for freedom loving people all over the world. But as you said, we started our discussion about the most recent heinous terrorist attack yesterday in Jaffa and Jerusalem and Petah Tikva, my wife and my two grandchildren and granddaughter are having dinner on the beach not very far from where that happened. I don’t know exactly whether it’s 100 meters or 1,000 meters, and it just brings home that it can happen. It can happen anywhere at any time

Therefore, President Biden It Is Up To You To Confirm Your Friendship With Bibi And Also My Fellow Israelis By Picking Up The Phone And Call Bibi Now

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