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In Nepal: Hero of the day

In the ruined village of Gongabu, the IsraAid relief team met Prabad, a boy looking for his younger sister
Hero of the Day
Hero of the Day

Meet Prabad.

Hero of the Day
Hero of the Day, Pravad Bushel (All Photos: IsraAID/Mickey Noam-Alon)

I met Prabad Bushel on the streets of Gongabu, one of the most densely populated and destroyed areas of Kathmandu. With toppled temples, twisted building and piles of rubble, the familiar streets I remember from my three and half years of living in Nepal, suddenly seemed so foreign.

Prabad noticed the bright orange shirts of our IsraAID team assessing the damages and quickly ran up to tell us that his mother and two sisters were buried somewhere under the rubble. When he realized I spoke Nepalese, he continued to explain that hadn’t left the site since the earthquake and was still very hopeful. He stuck by our side and was with out question, the most passionate and persuasive 14 year old that I have ever met.

We saw more people on the same block sifting through debris with their bare hands. They told us that many family members were still trapped as well. Exactly 22, in fact. One by one we were told the names of each missing loved one.

Luckily, IsraAID’s team has grown in the last 36 hours to include 15 Search and Rescue (SAR) experts from Israel. An eclectic mix of trained and talented men and women who dropped everything – for one purpose – ‘to lend a hand’. Within moments of landing, the entire team headed from the tarmac straight to the field.

Eran Magen, Head of IsraAID’s SAR team, with over 20 years of experience, shared some of the tricks of the trade. He reminded everyone of the dangers and the necessary safety precautions. There was painstaking work ahead of us, but the team was clearly up for the challenge, including Prabad, who jumped in to help.

In close coordination with the local authorities, a community of volunteers quickly grew to 100 solid workers. Each person, an important link in the human chain, helped clear away buckets of debris and rubble from the wreckage. At least 200 more people gathered around us, patiently waiting for any sign of life- missing relatives, friends and neighbours.

A sponeous community of local volunteers assists with the clearing of rubble.
A sponeous community of local volunteers assists with the clearing of rubble.

But suddenly, everything stops.

The pick, shovels and drills are laid to rest. Eran’s technique switches to one of a skilled archaeologist, carefully chiseling and delicately brushing away the dirt and dust.

Everything Stops. Tools are laid to rest and the delicate work begins.
Everything Stops. Tools are laid to rest and the delicate work begins.
The slow and skillful techniques of SAR
The slow and skillful search and rescue techniques
A sad moment.
A sad discovery.

We found the body of Prabad’s 9 year old little sister, Maya.

Shocked and shaken, Prabad ran to his father nearby, embraced him and sobbed.

“Yo Mero Manchhe Ho!’ he tells him. “It’s our family member!”

This is a moment I will never forget.

And then, several minutes later, with his chin held high, Prabad returned as though to console us. He insisted that although his family’s hope was lost, they were still one of the lucky few who now had some closure. They could begin an important spiritual processes of mourning.

Prabad was my hero of the day.

•     •     •

On the ride back to our home base, exhausted and drained from another difficult day, I thought of only Maya.

Maya, such a popular name back in Israel with Hindu and Hebrew origins.

Maya, an ‘illusion’ and Goddess from Hindu mythology, a ‘spring’ or ‘brook’ derived from the Hebrew word ‘Maayan’.

Maya, Maya, the soft chorus of a classic Hebrew song about a father’s sweet lullaby for his sleeping daughter.

Sweet dreams little Maya.

Over the next few weeks, IsraAID emergency teams will focus on search and rescue efforts, medical relief and psycho-social care.

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Yotam Polizer is the CEO of IsraAID – Israel’s biggest humanitarian NGO. Founded in 2001, IsraAID has worked in more than 60 countries, helping people affected by crisis re-build their lives, their communities, and their futures, together. Following the September 2015 refugee crisis in Europe, he led IsraAID’s humanitarian mission in Lesbos, Greece, to support Syrian refugees on the island and also established IsraAID Germany, which provides long-term support for Yazidi and Syrian refugees in Germany. During the last 10 years, Polizer has also built and led humanitarian aid programs in Japan after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, and in South Korea to support the reintegration of North Korean defectors. He has also led missions in Nepal following the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake and in Sierra Leone for Ebola survivors, health workers, and affected communities. He has more than 10 years’ experience in education, humanitarian aid, and international development
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