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In Praise of the Bridges

Photo credit: Michelle Orrelle
Photo credit: Michelle Orrelle

In praise of the bridges we cross to meet one another,
to talk, to argue, to embrace.
In praise of the people who built the bridges,
with their money, their time and their hope.
In praise of the people who cross the bridges,
to learn, to explore, to adventure.
In praise of the leaders who show them the way,
In praise of the parents who encourage and support,
In praise of the government missions.
In praise of the teachers, the preachers, the guides and the speakers,
The organizations, the clubs and the groups.
In praise of communities everywhere,
Who open their homes, their tables, their arms,
And share thoughts and ideas and concern for each other.
It matters, it works,
I am sure.

About the Author
Michelle is an Australian Jew who moved to Israel in 2004 with her three US born sons, and British-born, Israeli-raised husband. She is the co-founder of Crew 972 animation production company, Director, Arizona-Israel Trade and investment Office, Residence Event Manager for Australian Ambassador to Israel, and guides at ANU Museum of the Jewish People.
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