In solidarity with women

Coronavirus has changed our life to upside down. In many ways it has brought out the best in people and a new world of possibility, a new perception.

Relationships take center stage in this global pandemic, in every sector of human relations. In fact, no stone has been left unturned.

As a woman who plays many life roles, true for many women, I stand back to “take in” what women contribute and what women endure in normal everyday life.

As I do not believe in generalizing and exaggerating , I would nonetheless like to express my honor and solidarity to women, in particular during this crisis.

The responsibility of עקרת הבית, CEO of the home, is inestimable. I ponder mothers who multi-task on every level. During the pandemic many women are operating from janitorial (cleanliness is next to G-dliness!) to product manager, kitchen administator and cook, laundry operator, to teacher and babysitter, to maid and for many, career minders. The overall load on a daily basis with no end in sight is frightening. At normal times, women are the people who make the home and grow the family, literally and figuratively.

I would like to ask each of you to take a pause in solidarity to women without whom the world would go to pot. Husbands, friends, children need to pay attention at this turning point to wake up to the dedication, devotion, determination and self-sacrifice of women. With all due respect, let’s ramp up the respect and honor we give to the CEOs of humanity.

Mother nature is truly deserving of your  solidarity.

About the Author
Rochel Kaplan is a communal leader. She is involved in Jewish outreach in the Maryland region, promoting adult Jewish education based on Torah teachings and Chassidic philosophy, as a guide for Jewish life.
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