Steve Shalot
Steve Shalot
Health & Medical Correspondent for ISRAEL DAILY NEWS PODCAST

In the face of hate, we must be prepared; not afraid

If we remain silent in the face of our sworn enemies; if we turn the other way when our blood is spilled here and in Europe — then the next sound we hear will be the scraping of fingernails on the walls of a gas chamber. People try to sugarcoat the antisemitism going on — I call these Jews “YIDIOTS.” (Now there’s a new word.) Consider this: Just a month ago, a caravan of Arabs; British Muslims, etc., draped their cars with Palestinian flags and drove 250 miles to a Jewish neighborhood in London, and over loudspeakers called for our deaths and threatened to “rape your daughters and kill your children.” They were unmolested. Someone photographed them from a terrace of an apt building. No police stopped them. Pedestrians walked by and barely noticed them. I can only imagine the shock and horror the Jews in that neighborhood felt. No wonder that a report recently said that at least a third of the 800,000 Jews in Britain wanted to make Aliyah or go to the US or Canada. But you have to ask: Is the US or Canada “really safe??”

Our leaders are passive. They are seduced by the leftist rhetoric of the ruling Democratic Party. They urge restraint and ask us to “write to your elected representatives (reprehensibles).” I think that the time for that is waning. To their shame, our Jewish politicians here in the US are silent, at best. I specifically call out NY Senator Chuck Schumer. “Sir, you are a coward. Shame on you!” He took some heat from his fellow Democrats because he opposed the Iran Nuclear Deal. People accused him of the old antisemitic canard of “Dual Loyalty.” Since then he’s remained hidden and hasn’t said a thing. He allows vicious antisemites like “The Squad,” especially congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota to spout her bile without standing up and censoring her.

A resolution condemning antisemitism was defeated by the Democrats in the US Congress a little while back because it had to be made “more inclusive” to denounce “all racism.” But antisemitism is not like all racism. One of my Jewish friends (a Liberal) said “What’s wrong with that?” PLENTY, because it sweeps the problem under the rug. By lumping antisemitism in with all forms of racism, it denies us the acknowledgment of the real danger we are all in. It “dejewifies” the antisemitism; after all, some say, “this is the United States — in 2021, racism is racism.” It somehow gives it a bit of respectability, of a cultural normalcy in a perverse sort of way when it is anything but. Abraham Joshua Heschel once said that “Auschwitz was built with words.” Nothing could be more true. Antisemitism is unique. It belongs in its own category of hate because it will lead to, if unchallenged – the gas chamber. It is nothing short of “verbal genocide,” leading to or in addition to, actual violence. It is the most ancient and deadly form of hate.

We need to take to the streets in numbers and really “blow the Shofar,” sound the alarm! Within the law, I believe that EVERY American Jew must learn to properly and safely use a firearm for defense — shotguns, handguns and rifles; and if you can — buy one! (While you still can) — before the liberals let the UN dictate our Second Amendment rights, or send “Beto O’Rourkes” door to door to confiscate our guns. Properly trained people must be armed in EVERY synagogue, JCCs and Jewish schools. This is true especially after the dual shootings at “Tree Of Life” synagogue in Squirrel Hill, PA, and the Kosher supermarket in Newark, NJ. Look at the example of the church shooting in Texas, where an armed parishioner saved many lives by having a licensed handgun in his possession. Do you think the members of that congregation berated the pastor for allowing an armed person in the church? Sounds crazy, but I’m sure some did although more applauded the man as a hero.

Liberals and especially Jewish liberals vilify the NRA. Why? Okay, we know the NRA is a gun lobby organization, but it is MUCH more. Here’s something you may not know: The NRA has firearms safety classes, and teaches people to be responsible and careful when using firearms and how to safely store them. The Libs won’t tell you that. They tell you that “guns are bad and they KILL people!” I respectfully disagree. PEOPLE kill people. What’s the difference between a gun, a crossbow, or as we’ve seen only too commonly in Israel — knives and cars. They can be just as lethal when used by deranged individuals. Want to ban those too?? 

I was dumbfounded when not too long ago, politicians on both sides of the Atlantic told us that it’s best if we “hide our Jewishness,” try to remain “inconspicuous.” They say “don’t wear your kippah in public,” or “put your Magen David inside your shirt!” Maybe we should take our mezuzahs off our doorposts too. These statements horrified me — Prewar Germany all over again! 

Our children who go off to college have to “hide” their Jewish identity for their own safety. They have to listen to antisemitic & anti-Israel tirades from professors. If they object, they are afraid of getting a failing grade. They get bullied by fascist, jihadi organizations like Students For Justice in Palestine (SJP). They are indoctrinated by Leftist Jewish groups like “J-Street,” “If Not Now,” and the BDS Movement. They all seek to vilify Israel for her Zionism and perceived Apartheid government. When they come home from school they ask you “why does Israel occupy stolen Palestinian land??”

Ok then; so what do we do? The first step is to demand from our local Jewish community leaders that they organize mass rallies in support of Israel. Hold self-defense classes at the JCCs. (First, you have to belong to a JCC!) Next, we must educate our children. It means Hebrew High School, Birthright Trips to Israel; exposure to Israeli movies, art, and culture. 

A few years ago, in addition to the Birthright trip, my sons and my wife’s family from California all met up in Israel for an absolutely amazing two-week trip and guided tour. We have to introduce our children to Jewish heroes and their stories: Mordechai Anilewicz, the Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Fighting Organization leader, Yoni Netanyahu, Bibi’s late brother and the leader of the 1976 Entebbe Raid. Hannah Senesh, the “Palestinian” Jew who parachuted into Yugoslavia in 1944 to help the Jewish resistance. The list is enormous, as are our rich Jewish cultural resources. We must not be lazy and afraid of our kid’s rejection of these things; expose them to them. Our best defense against these tough times is to educate our younger generation and inculcate a sense of Jewish Pride; in them AND us – and to do it NOW! 

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Dr. Steven Shalot, DPM is a journalist and editor for Independent authors. He is the health and medical correspondent for the “ISRAEL DAILY NEWS PODCAST” with Shanna Fuld. An independent freelance writer and book editor for Jewish publications, he is also the former senior editor of "Podiatry Management Magazine," Kane Comm. He is passionately devoted to Israel, the Conservative movement, and Jewish life, history & spirituality . . . and writes about whatever comes to mind!
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