In the fight against radical Islam, where is moderate Islam?

In President Obamas push to get a global coalition against the Islamic State, he has so far achieved very little success.  Australia has committed 600 military personnel to the fight, as well as some fighter jets.  France and Britain have reportedly been involved in some air strikes, and will be supplying some ammunition to the Kurds.  Canada has provided some equipment, as well as a small group of military advisors.  Other western countries have agreed to step up their border security to stop their citizens from joining the Islamic State.

John Kerry has been dispatched to gather Arab and Muslim support and on that front, Turkey has agreed to deny entry to extremists – unless they are part of the terrorist entities who will be boarding Freedom Flotilla 2 in order to sail to Hamas controlled Gaza in order to break the blockade. For them the message is simple:  Welcome!  Jordan will provide intelligence to the West.  Good – I’m feeling safer already!  The world has been relying on Jordanian intelligence for years, and right now the US Joint Chiefs are gathered around in an excited fervour as they wait for the next communique.  Saudi Arabia has offered to train rebels on their soil which is really useful.  They just need to make sure they give them good directions, as we don’t want them joining the wrong terrorist groups being trained in Saudi Arabia.  You know, follow this road, take the third exit on the left – no no – not the second, that’ll lead you to the Al-Qaeda training camp!

So John Kerry, the remarkable Secretary of State, who successfully negotiated Russia out of the Crimea.  Wait – they’re still there!  Anyway, John Kerry has successfully negotiated nothing of substance.  America likes to promote the fact that Arab nations have joined this coalition against the Islamic State, but obviously the bar is very low for joining this Coalition of the Unwilling.  If you pat America on the back and say good luck – you’re in!

Despite the horrific videos of beheadings of US and British citizens, the main victims of the Islamic State brutality and the ones that are suffering the most are moderate Muslims and fellow minority citizens, so does anyone not think it’s a little odd that no Arab or Muslim forces have committed themselves to fighting them?  With over 23% of the world’s population being Muslim and over 50 Muslim countries in the world containing vast unquantifiable resources, surely they could muster a couple of soldiers here and there – to save themselves?


Critics of Israel often accuse America of propping up Israel with foreign aid, but at least they get something out of it, as per my previous blog.  The top recipients of US military and economic foreign aid are; Afghanistan – almost 13 billion, Israel – 3 billion, Iraq – 2 billion, Egypt – 1.5 billion, Jordan and Pakistan – 1.2 billion each.  So what is America getting out of those Arab and Muslim countries?  Afghanistan and Iraq are roaring successes, and Pakistan burn effigies of Obama and the US flag.


I’m sure most Muslims, like the rest of us, are disgusted and abhorred by the brutality shown by the Islamic State, but where are their leaders venting their outrage?  Looking out my window, I certainly don’t see any marches heading down the street.  Of course if a cartoon gets drawn – OH MY GOD!  Day of rage!  Death to the cartoonist!  Islam insulted!  And if a Palestinian breaks a nail while throwing rocks at buses and cars… well – then it’s Armageddon.

A friend of mine recently suggested that if you convince the world community and the UN that I.S. actually stands for Israeli State – you’d then be able to stand in line as the Coalition of the Willing and Excited gets formed in record time.

But such is the bizarro world we live in that Western forces have to come to the aid of Muslims in their own countries, because their leaders are just not willing to do it themselves.  It’s all so ridiculous that if an invading alien force ever made it to earth through some navigational error, they’d take one look around and say SHAZBOT – let’s get the f#%$ out of here!  This place is nuts!

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Justin Amler is a South African born, Melbourne based writer who has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
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