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Infowars’ bogeymen cabal want worldwide tyranny

A secretive galère intent on achieving global domination is on the march!

According to Infowars, a popular Website, it is a nefarious cabal that threatens to unleash the scourge of global government that threatens your personal liberty.

And, Infowars says, the mysterious “they” are coming for your guns (if you have any). In Infowars’ parlance, “they” are like The Protocols of The Elders of Zion without the anti-Semitism.

At times, Infowars’ conspiracy theories are so wild and convoluted that I laugh. Heartily. To keep track of them, I would need Watson, IBM’s supercomputer. Methinks they’ve been watching way too many movies. Maybe the nutriceuticals they incessantly hawk can help.

If I heard Infowars correctly, I’m supposed to believe there is a villainous global elite that is marching us in lockstep toward worldwide tyranny via one-world government, a one-world economy and a one-world religion, to name a few of Infowars’ favorite one-world bogeymen.

What would be so bad about citizens of each nation electing representatives to a world federation? In a world federation, each nation-state would be independent; its sovereignty intact.

In a world federation, which I support, the caveat to sovereignty is that nations would not be able to go to war against another nation. If a nation were to declare war on another nation, then the other nations would rise as one and crush the aggressor. What is so bad about that? The goal would be to make war obsolete. The world’s nuclear weapons could eventually be dismantled by the federation. Each nation would be armed only to keep internal order.

In terms of a one-world economy, Infowars notes the loss of manufacturing jobs in America and how that has hurt the middle class. What would be so wrong with a world federation adopting economic policies that would be advantageous for all concerned? There would still be economic liberty and entrepreneurs would have an even playing field.

Infowars warns us about the perils of one-world religion (in my listening, I haven’t heard what that religion is). On one Infowars’ post I read, the columnist expressed shock that some people say Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Well, in my opinion, they do. How shocking!

That particular post said that some observers say the major religions are different paths to the same God. Well, to me, they are. As society has progressed, God sends new Messengers to teach humanity. Therefore, we have a number of Divinely revealed religions.

A world government does not have to mean that everyone on earth worships the same way. The rights of all religions would be protected. The international federation would have no official religion.

There are other one-worldisms that Infowars might be afraid of, such as a world currency, a world auxiliary language, etc.

An auxiliary language would not take the place of national and/or regional languages; it would just be a language everyone on earth adopted so they could easily communicate with each other. They could still use the language they grew up with to communicate in their own regions and/or countries. What harm is there in that?

If you want to get a taste of paranoid, just visit Infowars.

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