Interfaith coalition to denounce sexual abuse

This week, as the Director of Tahel, I was privileged to help establish a Coalition of Interfaith Leaders to Denounce Sexual Abuse.

As I watched each faith leader enter the room I was filled with a sense of hope. Perhaps a change can occur. Perhaps we can truly decide to abolish sexual abuse.

Our media is rampant with these stories. We are horrified, bewildered, frightened and confused. How has this happened to our society? Why are our women, children and teenagers so vulnerable?

What has been missing has been an outcry from the world religious leaders!

Where are our faith leaders at a time like this? We know that sexual abuse is forbidden in all religions, and yet the religious leaders have not come forward to denounce the abominations that fill up our newspapers and media. Why?

Until now!

Forty faith leaders from the major religions came together to discuss the serious problem of sexual abuse in our communities throughout the world. Druse, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Bedouin leaders all sat together in the conference room of Tahel to begin to meet to discuss the problem and find solutions to prevent further victimizations. An additional 30 leaders agreed to be part of this coalition.

Problems were discussed. Commitments were made.

The Interfaith Coalition to denounce sexual abuse has begun. “From Zion will come forth Torah” (Yeshayahu 1:6). I believe we can finally make a change. We can create that change. We can believe in a better and safer society for our women, children and teenagers.

*This Coalition was made possible as a result of a grant from the Genesis Foundation.

About the Author
Debbie Gross is the founder and director of Tahel - Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children. Debbie is the recent recipient of The Sylvan Adams Nefesh B’Nefesh Bonei Zion Prize which recognizes the achievements of outstanding Anglo Olim.
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