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Internally Displaced Persons

Internally Displaced Persons

The Israel-Hamas war dominates the news, with daily reports of the plight of Palestinian citizens in Gaza displaced by the fighting. Their situation is indeed dire and of a large scale. Yet, there is no mention of in the media of the massive displacement of Israeli citizens.

According to Israeli reports, there are about half a million internally displaced Israelis. All localities in Israel near the Gaza strip in southern Israel have been evacuated as well as over 20 localities near the Lebanese border in northern Israel. Many of these evacuees left their homes with just the clothes on their backs and are, literally, refugees in their home country. They were evacuated because of the persistent rocket, RPG, mortar and anti-tank projectiles indiscriminately raining down on these border these communities. These evacuees have been ripped from their communities and are suffering severe hardships.

This war, precipitated by Hamas and joined in by Hezbollah, has wreaked havoc on a half million innocent Israeli civilians with scant reporting by the media. It’s as if Israeli suffering is of no concern.

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