Intimidating anti-vax docs is antivaccination

“Israel Health Ministry Mulls Sanctions against Anti-Vaccine Doctors

Israel Ministry of Health looking to sanction anti vaccine doctors?

In my view, that means something more like “Israel Ministry of Health Joining Hands with AntiVax Movement!”

Sounds odd but that is the most likely outcome of this threat to rescind the medical licenses of Doctors who advise against vaccinations.

As a supporter of vaccines; I have to say that this policy will not make us safer.

Think about it. Why don’t people trust vaccines? Why would they prefer to rely on a tiny minority voice rather than hordes of virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, in fact a massive consensus on the benefit of vaccines in preventing diseases that killed thousands of children in previous generations?

Well, if you check any antivax literature you will find charges of silencing opposition, repressing information, eliminating dissenting voices. Well by using threats and intimidation, the ministry is playing right into their hands by doing all these thing. Big brother methods give credence to the antivaccine suspicion that and prevents checks and balances assuring vaccine safety. For if persons challenging the safety of a vaccine can have their license revoked, how can we be certain that they are indeed safe?

Beyond that, let’s look at the technical justification: “conduct unbecoming a physician”. What are the ramifications of such latitude of interpretation concentrated in central authority? Couldn’t it affect any health provider who advises something other than standard guidelines? (For those familiar with women’s health, Vba2c anyone?)

Has any patient of these physicians contracted a vaccine preventable disease? By all means, they should be sued for the full extent of damages. That’s what malpractice suits are all about.

But counter misinformation, don’t hide it. Driving it underground only ensures that it will burst out elsewhere.

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