Deborah Simon Troner

Introduction to Counting the Omer: The Number Seven


Its strong base planted firmly in long-ago time
It turns always toward the future
The number seven is a bridge
Every seventh day
It connects, yet separates
Shabbat from six other-days
Creating time and holiness

Seven times seven
The number of days separating, yet connecting, Pesach and Shavuot
In seven holy weeks
Pesach, the first of our redemptions:
That of our tribes from Mitzrayim
Creating our peoplehood; our nation
Shavuot, the time of revelation
The giving and receiving of Torah

May we also be a bridge
Connected to our history, our people, our Torah
Strongly rooted in our past
Even though we may be separated in time or place
Looking back; looking forward
May we always be a bridge

About the Author
I grew up in New York City; graduated from the Bronx High School of Science and Cornell University with a major in journalism; have lived in Miami since 1971 with my husband, children, and grandchildren. One daughter and her family live in England. My husband and I have studied continuously with the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning since 1997. I began writing poetry during Covid lockdown.
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