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Iran-Israel Conflict: A Deep Divide

Contrary to what some pundits may be saying, the recent missile attacks on Israel were not simply a display of “bells and whistles” with no real damage intended. When 350 flying objects are timed to hit a country at the same moment, and when an array of different weapon types are used, it is clear that the intention is to penetrate defenses and cause harm. In this case, the target was Israel, and the goal was to kill Israelis.

While it is true that Israel’s air defense systems did a remarkable job in intercepting the majority of the incoming missiles, it is not accurate to call this a victory. The US administration’s claims that there is no need for further action because the missiles were thwarted miss the point entirely. Winning a war is not simply about intercepting attacks; it is about deterring future aggression by exacting a heavy price on those who seek to harm you.

The recent attacks also resulted in the injury of a 7-year-old Israeli-Arab girl named Amina Elhasuny, who is currently fighting for her life. This serves as a tragic reminder of the real human cost of such acts of aggression. The Iranian regime, which was behind these attacks, has a long history of spreading chaos and terror through its proxies in the region. It is time for Israel to shift its strategy from simply fighting the regime’s proxies to holding Iran itself accountable for its actions.

For too long, Israel has allowed the Iranian regime to operate with impunity, striking at its enemies through various terrorist groups while avoiding direct confrontation. It is clear that this approach has not been effective in deterring Iranian aggression. Moving forward, Israel should make it clear that any attacks from Hezbollah, Hamas, or other Iranian proxies will result in consequences for Tehran.

It is important to note that the enemy in this situation is the Iranian regime, not the Iranian people themselves. Like the Soviet regime in the 1980s, the Iranian regime is corrupt, despised by its own people, and destined to collapse. The international community, led by the West, should work towards supporting the Iranian people in bringing about this change, without resorting to military force.

In fighting against the Iranian regime and its proxies, Israel is not just fighting its own battles, but the battles of the entire civilized world. The tactics used by these terrorists, hiding among civilians and using them as human shields, must be condemned and prevented from becoming the norm. If these tactics are allowed to succeed, they will undoubtedly be adopted by terrorists worldwide.

While Israel is more than capable of defending itself, it is essential that our allies stand with us in this fight. The United States, in particular, must show its unwavering support for Israel, especially during these challenging times. It is only through unity and solidarity that we can defeat the forces of terror and extremism that seek to harm us.

The recent missile attacks on Israel were not just a show of force; they were a blatant act of aggression by the Iranian regime and its proxies. It is time for Israel to shift its strategy and hold Iran accountable for its actions, while also calling on our allies to stand with us in this fight. The Iranian regime’s days are numbered, and with the support of the international community, we can hasten its collapse and bring about a more peaceful and stable future for the region.

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