Iran: Reformists’ Resurgence: Western Complicity

The Resurgence of Reformists: Unveiling the Perils and Western Complicity

The resurgence of reformist factions within Iran, emboldened by the backing of the US administration, poses an imminent threat to the Iranian populace. Despite promises of liberalization, these reformist factions have consistently failed to enact substantive change, inadvertently perpetuating the suffering of the Iranian people. Western powers, including elements of the Democratic establishment, have shamefully supported these factions, thereby prolonging the tyrannical grip of the regime.

It is imperative to recognize that the Islamic regime in Iran is not merely an oppressive force but an occupying, dictatorial, and kleptocratic regime. The West must not be deceived by the regime’s manipulative facade. For 45 years, Iranians have endured the brutal rule of the Islamic regime, subjected to executions, arbitrary arrests, and systemic discrimination under its Islamic constitution. Western complicity in the regime’s suppression is undeniable, from the decision to depose the Shah and install Ayatollah Khomeini to the ill-fated Nuclear Deal. Despite Western support, the regime has only escalated its aggression, with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) spreading terror regionally.

Western interference in Iranian affairs has exacerbated the suffering of the Iranian people. Reformist factions have not only failed to effect meaningful change but have also provided a false veneer of legitimacy to the oppressive regime. By bolstering these factions, Western powers have inadvertently strengthened the regime’s stranglehold, emboldening it to perpetrate further repression and human rights abuses.

Moreover, the Islamic regime’s ties to drug cartels in Southern American countries underscore its global influence, with illicit funds flowing to terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. The Western world and mainstream media have been complicit in whitewashing the image of reformist factions, thereby minimizing the regime’s atrocities and propagating a false narrative of progress.

In a world rife with tyranny and terror, where innocents are butchered and oppressed daily, the regime in Iran stands as a symbol of oppression. Executions, amputations, and torture are routine, while minority groups suffer marginalization and persecution under the guise of Islamic law. It is time for Western governments to hold the regime accountable and stand in solidarity with the oppressed Iranian people.

Global pressure must be exerted to address the Islamic regime’s egregious human rights violations. The international community must unite to demand genuine change within Iran. The quest for freedom and justice is fundamental to humanity, and complicity through silence only serves to embolden evil. As Edmund Burke famously said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” The time has come to declare the Iranian regime illegitimate and work tirelessly for its removal before it inflicts further harm on the world.

Additionally, the Islamic regime’s suppression of dissent extends beyond its borders, with dissidents and journalists targeted for assassination abroad. The recent assassination plots uncovered in Europe and North America underscore the regime’s willingness to use violence to silence opposition and maintain control. This flagrant disregard for international law and human rights norms demands a robust and coordinated response from the international community.

In light of these realities, it is incumbent upon Western governments to reassess their approach to the Iran regime. Instead of propping up ineffective reformist factions, they must actively support grassroots movements for democracy and human rights within Iran and support the plight of the Iranian nation.

Ultimately, the Iranian people themselves are the agents of change in their country, and it is their courage and resilience that inspire hope for a brighter future. The international community must stand in solidarity with them as they strive for freedom, democracy, and justice. Only through concerted action and unwavering determination can the scourge of the Islamic regime in Iran be eradicated, and the Iranian people be allowed to determine their own destiny.

About the Author
Shabnam Assadollahi is an award-winning Canadian human rights advocate and freelance writer/journalist of Iranian origin. She has a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology and has worked extensively helping newcomers and refugees resettle in Canada and has distinguished herself as a broadcaster, writer and public speaker. Shabnam was arrested and imprisoned at age 16 for eighteen months in Iran's most notorious prison, Evin. Shabnam’s primary and heartfelt interest is to focus on the Iranian community and world events affecting women and minority communities.
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