Iran: security forces raid homes of dozens of Baha’is

On Sunday, November 22, Security forces searched the homes of dozens of Baha’i citizens in at least six provinces, including Tehran, Alborz, Isfahan, Mashhad and Mazandaran.

Between 30 to 50 Baha’i households were searched and security forces confiscated cellphones, laptops, and religious books.

The reason behind the raids and whether any arrests were made remain unclear.

Baha’is face state persecution and harassment in Iran where their faith is not officially recognized in the constitution.

In past years, scores of followers have been detained and harassed by Iranian authorities.

Last week, a committee of the UN General Assembly approved a resolution urging Iran to observe human rights for all Iranians, including Baha’is.

About the Author
Mohammad Zolfaghari is a Baha'i News reporter and human rights defender who worked exclusively on Human Rights Violations especially religious minorities in Iran and as a documentary maker with Amnesty International. Lives in Norway.
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