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The State of Israel faces many threats today. Some of these threats are worse than others and we have to know which are the most dangerous for the state of Israel. Today, the biggest threat in which the state of Israel faces today is Iran. To start, Iran funds many terror groups which are the largest source of civilian killings in the state of Israel. Also, Iran is currently in the process of developing a nuclear weapon. It is rumored that this weapon will have the capability of wiping Israel off the map, and that is what they plan on using it for. And finally, Iran is a controlling military and political power in the Middle East.

To begin with, Iran funds many radical Islamic terrorist organizations that are located in and around the state of Israel. Some of these radical groups include Hamas and Hezbollah. Hamas is located in the Gaza Strip, and they fire rockets into Israel, and send terrorists to kill jewish civilians on Israeli soil. Hezbollah, located in Lebanon, has a military force the bigger than some countries’ armies. These groups take the money from Iran, and then spend it on building rockets to fire into the state of Israel from The Gaza Strip, and to build tunnels out of Gaza, into the state of Israel. These terrorists conduct and encourage attacks which occur on a daily basis in the state of Israel using Iran’s money to do so.

The next point is arguably the biggest reason why Iran is posing the biggest threat to the state of Israel, nuclear weapons. Iran is in the process of developing a nuclear warhead that will have the capability to obliterate the state of Israel and everyone living there. Not only are they working on it, but the leader of Iran even said that he intends to “wipe the state of Israel off the map”. Although Iran is not expected to achieve this nuclear weapon for another ten to fifteen years, it still is something scary that can happen at any time. So ask why Iran poses the biggest threat to the state of Israel? Here you go…

Finally there is the fact that Iran has their finger on most things that take place throughout the Middle East. Iran is one of the biggest and most wealthy countries in the Middle East. They have military power over almost all other neighboring countries and they also have strong political power among the other middle eastern countries.

To sum it all up, I believe that Iran is the biggest threat that The state of Israel has seen since the Six-Day War, when every country bordering Israel attacked, directly after the state of Israel was voted in. Iran has the money to give Hamas and Hezbollah all they need to terrorize Israeli/Jewish civilians. They will in the coming years, have a nuclear weapons arsenal large enough to kill all the current living things in the land of Israel, and they’d only be using one bomb. And, they are a superpower in the Middle East who are not to be messed with.

About the Author
Benjamin Frier is a Jewish teenager living in America with a great connection to Israel. He spent last summer there and really connected to Israel and the relationship with America.
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