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Iran’s HRH Prince Under Siege by Political Dwarfs

HRH Reza Pahlavi, / Picture is free for all platforms
HRH Reza Pahlavi, / Picture is free for all platforms

The Prince and the Pressure from Demagogues and Political Dwarfs is considerable. A group of liars, spiteful, ignorant, delusional, and infiltrators want to change Iranian society‘s view of the Pahlavi, but with their pretentiousness and display of ignorance, they will get nowhere.

These days, the Prince of Iran is under pressure. HRH Reza Pahlavi is the only one who has a political standing and credibility among the people of Iran, and this is intolerable for the government’s reformists, separatists, and those exported by the regime to foreign countries. Like the Tudeh Party (communists), and the terrorists of 1979 who wanted to erase the Pahlavi name, they are trying to discredit and disgrace him, but it is futile. Because Pahlavi represents a glorious history and a unique brand. And today, as the Islamic Republic is on the verge of collapse, the only person who can accompany the people through the rocky and tumultuous path of regime change in Iran without falling victim to a bloodbath and underground terrorist groups is HRH Reza Pahlavi.

The media of the reformists abroad, influenced by the MOIS affiliated with the Islamic Republic, have today put pressure on the prince, his friends, associates, and supporters to remove the Pahlavi name from the arena of contemporary Iranian politics. A new phase of destruction has begun. Even some of the reformists’ loudspeakers and demagogues are attempting to boycott and censor the prince so that the idea of nationalism and Iran-centric thinking does not spread among the young generation of Iran.

A group that has no place, credibility, or influence themselves are trying to stand beside the prince’s name and become famous but stab him in the back. This is the custom of the Third World and the Middle East.

And even a group of opportunists are looking to bring hated and infamous terrorist separatist organizations like Komala and the KDPI into a new coalition. And this time, with a new show and spectacle, entertain the people of Iran but prevent them from focusing on the collapse. For now, the first and main priority of these bankrupts of contemporary political history is the fight against Pahlavi, not Khamenei.

The Gang of reformists exported abroad is currently the biggest obstacle to democracy and regime change in Iran. A group of psychotic, selfish showmen are trying to divert the direction of the struggle. This is the attitude of the brigade of lunacy or the cult of insanity.

Iranian Protests / Picture is free for all platforms

Some of the same corrupt stream, who have no love or interest in the name of Iran at all, do not want a political and national centrality to form around the Pahlavi name and are exploiting the name of the people of Iran for their own benefit. They want to collectively accuse the Pahlavi entourage of things for which there is no evidence or documentation. This is the painful situation of the Prince of Iran these days, created by Iranian media under the influence of the reformist’s MOIS.

But still, the people of Iran call for him in the streets, and most of these other individuals are charlatans who scream and yell in front of the media, have no infiltration inside the country, and are only executing a mission to achieve their own political goals and the interests of their party and tribe, not the people of Iran.

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