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Iran’s Oil Executives Meet Infamous Arms-Oil Dealers in Dubai

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Iran’s officials, especially apologist reformists, had repeatedly used sanctions as an excuse, which allegedly led them to deal with arms-oil brokers, before six superpowers agreed to the nuclear treaty. Yet, Iranian officials, including oil executives, still meet dealers in Dubai.

Dubai has become a haven for the officials visiting brokers, IRGC-run Fars News says. The news agency mentioned the Hyatt Regency lobby where officials can see oil dealers. The brokers who are involved in the oil deals are also known to traffic in arms.

“Mehrdad Ansari Shirazi, known in the trade as Homayoun, is one of the well-known brokers”. Homayoun was reportedly arrested for arms trafficking, the agency declared.

Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani mentioned the arrest in his memoir, according to Fars News. Homayoun recently expanded his activity to China. He’s an Iranian broker. But he looks for money, no matter where. So he has shifted his activity to China as well.

The agency also added that a guy known as Mojtabaei is a coordinator of meetings. Mr. Mojtabaei was lately retired from a governmental organization.

Recently, an oil executive was offered a deal by Mr. Ansari (Homayoun) for the collaboration of some Chinese front companies with the National Iran Oil Industry.

The re-elected President Hassan Rouhani repeatedly announced that his administration blocked the illicit traders who are in violation of sanctions, but oil executives apparently continue to meet infamous oil-arms brokers in Dubai, as they have done during the sanctions period.

I wrote this article for ACU News Daily on May 30, 2017.

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