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Iran’s plan to drive Jews out of Israel

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Every adult Jew needs to read this story and take it to heart. Those who demonstrate against the government need to rethink their activities. This is a time of national emergency. In particular, the secular majority in Tel Aviv should realize that they are just as much a target as religious Jews in Jerusalem or Bnai Brak. To the Islamists, as it was for their Nazi allies during the Holocaust, every Jew is a Jew and must be exterminated.

If I were in Prime Minister Netanyahu’s shoes, I would take a lesson from Abraham Lincoln’s actions at the beginning of the Civil War, when he had the military arrest members of the Maryland State Legislature before they could vote to secede from the Union, which would have left Washington D.C. surrounded by enemy territory and highly vulnerable. He also suspended habeas corpus; nevertheless, the US Supreme Court, recognizing the gravity of the situation, waited until the war was over to declare Lincoln’s actions unlawful.

IMHO, the equivalent action now would be to mobilize the hesder yeshiva units of the IDF, which are the only military or police force he can trust, and place the leaders of the insurrection, the Supreme Court, and the Attorney General under house arrest. Then go on Channel 14, which apparently is the only media outlet he can trust, and explain the situation to the nation.

I realize this is a drastic measure, but it should be apparent that any appeal to the patriotism of the opposition is wasted. As Caroline Glick recently observed in her column “The Scorched Earth Prosecutors,” “… Baharav-Miara, Netanyahu’s prosecutors, the police commanders and the media have all made clear that they will not relent. They intend to fight to the bitter end. And they intend to take the State of Israel down with them as they go down in flames.”

Israelis, come to your senses. Don’t let the modern-day Zealots prevail! Am Yisrael Chai!

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