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Jacob Maslow
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Is a Four Day Work Week Worth it?

Is a four-day workweek worth it?  Would taking Sundays off make you more productive? That depends on a variety of different factors, including the industry you work In and your personal wants and needs. If you are thinking about asking for a four-day workweek, you should first weigh the pros and cons. This way, you can decide whether or not a four-day workweek is truly for you.


Free Time

There are many upsides to having to work for only four days out of the week. The biggest and most obvious pro to having a four-day workweek is the extra free time you will have. Less work equals more play. Working five days a week only leaves the regular working world only 2 days for extracurricular activities, family time, rest, and personal development opportunities. Depending on where you work, you sometimes spend more time at work and going to work, than you do living your own life. Having one extra day off each week will surely increase the amount of time you get to have for yourself and your loved ones.

Less Cost

Traveling to and from work is expensive, having to buy food for lunch can also start to add up. One less day of traveling to work can save you a lot of money. However, this benefit isn’t one-sided. Employers can also procure less cost by giving employees the option to work only four days a week. This will cost employers less in wages, as well as other costs. Employers also save on energy costs.

Boost in Productivity and Work Place Moral

Work can be stressful and tiring. When employees have to show up to work every day, five days a week, productivity decreases, as well as job satisfaction. With four-day workweeks, employees have been happier and more satisfied in their positions. As a result, productivity increases. Employees have more clarity and manage their time better with four-day workweek schedules.

The Environment

Less of a commute means less, harmful automobile emissions. If everyone were to go to work fewer times a week, it would greatly reduce our nation’s carbon footprint.


Although the pros may have you clambering to get a four-day workweek, it is important to look at the negatives of such a short schedule.

Unsuitable for Some Positions

Although it would be nice for everyone to be able to work less, it just isn’t practical at times. Individuals with four-day workweeks. If you do something, where it requires your place of work to be open 5 to 7 days a week, then working a four-day workweek would impede the operations of that business. A four-day workweek could also affect your place of work’s ability to operate efficiently. This is especially true for people in the customer service field.

You May Still Have to Work Your 40 Hours

Sometimes a four-day workweek doesn’t equate to less work. Many employers offer four-day work weeks, with 10-hour workdays. Some even split them up into three 12-hour shifts and one 8-hour day. This can affect your sleep and free time schedule negatively. If the workweek remains 40 hours long, then it would also affect the employer’s overhead, meaning, they would still have the same overhead cost. Fortunately for employees, you will still be able to save money on your commute to and from work.

Some cons and pros may not apply to your industry or lifestyle, this is why it is so important for you to consider what a four-day workweek could do for you before jumping on the opportunity. Considering the previously mentioned pros and cons could help you make the best decision of your career, or avoid making a pretty bad mistake.

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