Is Brett Kavanaugh guilty because we want him to be guilty? And Israel….???

Leo Frank, the Jewish manager of the National Pencil Factory in Atlanta, was lynched 103 years ago. He was convicted by a jury for the rape and murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan. He was convicted on circumstantial evidence. Frank was convicted because of his dweeby demeanor and the public need for the Jew to be guilty.

The guilty conviction affirmed their opinion of Yankee Jews (Frank was actually born in Texas). Yankee Jews were carpetbaggers who went South to oppress workers and sexually assault good Christian White women.  The Media said the Jew was guilty.  Antisemitism ran thick in the air even without any real evidence against Frank. Evidence did not matter.  What people thought and felt mattered.  Between 1870-1946, 570 Georgians were lynched by mobs who knew the truth.

Governor John Slaton reviewed the death sentence Frank received.  He was deeply disturbed by what he saw as justice gone wrong.  He was deeply disturbed that Frank might be innocent.  Slaton commuted Frank’s death sentence to life in prison.

Slaton’s actions infuriated the mobs.  Slaton was driven out of the state, his life endangered.

The good respectable citizens of Marietta, Georgia kidnapped Frank and lynched him from a tree.  From many miles around people came to see Leo hanging.  Families took pictures of Leo.  They brought their children to see what the truth of mob justice had accomplished when the law failed.

San Francisco, the lynching capital of California, had an expression, “too much law, too little justice.”

The California mobs knew what justice was.  White people, Black people, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Native Americans, met California lynch mobs.

Brett Kavanaugh has had no evidence, no witnesses, no criminal filings presented against him.  Seven FBI investigations found nothing against him.  His accusers, not one, have been able or willing to present any evidence against him.  But he is tried and convicted in the minds of millions of Americans because they want him to be guilty of something…even if they could prove nothing.

It is far easier to prove Jews and Israel guilty of anything, every crime you can think of, the United Nations can confirm all of it.  Historically, Jews are accused of poisoning wells, using non-Jewish children’s blood for Passover Matzohs, killing Jesus, betraying Mohammed. They are responsible for pornography, capitalism, communism. They are the Illuminati, the cause of WWII.

Recently, the Prime Minister of Malaysia characterized Jews as hooked nosed.  Polish officials blame economic malaise on greedy Jewish hedge fund managers.  The maybe future Prime Minister of the U.K. says Jews are the cause of world upheaval and British distress.  The Arabs are sure, if there was no Israel, peace and prosperity would be normal in the Middle East.

So why shouldn’t Brett Kavanaugh be guilty without any evidence against him – because his accusers want him to be.

Even if Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court he has been lynched already.  Even if Israel is innocent, in the minds of millions of young snowflake graduates of sterilizing university educations, Israel is guilty. Israel is guilty of anything you can charge because Israel is guilty first and innocent second – like Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh had a right to be angry and defend his family, his reputation, his life.  Americans were shocked by his behavior.

Why do anti-Israel accusers see Israeli self-defense as a crime? Because they want to, they need to for political reasons, for power.

About the Author
Jerry is the president and founder of the Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation, He is the son of Survivors of Buchenwald and Bergen Belsen. He is a former Yeshivah student and served with the IDF in the Sinai. He is the author of over 100 articles in publications ranging from the Jerusalem Post to the Prairie Connection to the San Diego Jewish World. Jerry is frequently interviewed on T.V. and Radio about the American Jewish experience. The Jewish American Society for Historic Preservation has completed projects in 33 US. States and in 5 countries. Over 7,000,000 people annually benefit from one of JASHP's projects. JASHP has completed seven projects in Israel. Most recently, the first ever historic memorial to the Exodus in Israel, July 2017. The Exodus was known as the "Ship that Launched a Nation". December 2017, the Machal Memorial in Jerusalem to the 5,000 Jewish and non-Jewish volunteers who came to Israel when they needed her most during the War of Independence.
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