Is Israel’s Music Industry Growing?

Unfortunately, Israeli is not world-renowned for its music industry. While Israel is very well-known internationally, this is primarily because of its political affairs, its innovative startups, and its growing tourism industry.

For example, Israel’s tourism industry grew by around 25% from 2016 to 2017, and that growth is continuing in 2018. Israel has also revolutionized green renewable technology and infrastructure, and it is also home to the highest concentration of high-tech companies across the world. Israel’s music industry, however, is yet to reach these same great heights and international acclaim. While there are musicians such as Idan Raichel and Infected Mushroom who have managed to achieve international success, the majority of Israeli musicians usually fail to attract any attention internationally.

Today, there are many artists who have gained international acclaim and attention for posting their songs on online platforms such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and Spotify. However, it looks like Israeli singers are having difficulty in attracting listeners to their music, which in turn is hurting their chances for international success.

For example, Balkan Beat Box was founded in New York by Tamir Muskat and Ori Kaplan who are both Israeli. They decided to produce a unique music genre of their own, which is often described as a mixture of gypsy punk, middle-eastern, electronica, and funk.

This unique mix worked, and Balkan Beat Box has since recorded four albums, performed all across the world, and received great reviews from some of the world’s most significant music publications. In addition, Acollective, is an indie-rock band that has also been making an impression internationally and has attracted attention from many international music publications.

Therefore, Israel’s lack of international music success is not because of a lack of quality music, but rather from the lack of an active promotion channel, include free online social media and music sharing channels. While the simplicity of just clicking or tapping on a YouTube or SoundCloud link it makes it very easy to provide music listeners the ability to enjoy Israeli music. It is essential that Israeli artists try to maintain their online social media presence and interact with their fans and followers. For example, posting content regularly is one of the very best ways to build up a following online. Of course, it is not necessary to post new music every single week, but just communicating with your fans and keeping them updated with how the upcoming album is going is enough to keep and maintain their attention and interest. Artists can even buy soundcloud plays to boost their online presence and to provide their online musical platforms with a kickstart if they are very new online.

Israel is home to more musicians per capita than any other country in the world according to experts, and this talent is currently untapped. There is a lot of work to be done to make Israeli music internationally acclaimed, but it certainly can be done.

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