Is Marbim B’Simcha Even Possible?

A year ago, Covid was already here – we just didn’t know it yet. Or didn’t want to admit it.

We put Corona beers in our Shalach Manot and wore emoji mask costumes and then went to our normal megillah readings and parties as if nothing was happening in the world.

This year, we know better. But because we know better, it’s much more difficult to get into the Purim spirit. How do get happy when we know we won’t be able to have the Purim we’re accustomed to?

I think the answer is by doing all we can to share our individual expressions of happiness with others – giving virtual “shalach manot” of music, humor, smiles, and good cheer.

With that in mind, I worked with the extremely talented Mendy Portnoy to professionally produce a fun and catchy Mishenichnas Adar tune that I wrote a few years ago, and I made a fun animated music video that captures the need to spread happiness in the world of Covid.

I hope you enjoy! Happy Adar!

About the Author
Liron is a seasoned technologist and family man who does his best to enjoy life through music and funny posts on social media.
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