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Is Modest Fashion Sexy? Vogue seems to think so

'Trashy' is out in the big fashion magazines, judging by the latest trends
Kimono fashion show (Pixabay)
Kimono fashion show (Pixabay)
photos from ModLi.co

According to Vogue the most unlikely sexy trend of fall 2015 is modest fashion. I am not sure what surprised me more, Vogue writing about Modest fashion, or modest fashion becoming the next sexy trend this fall.

The most important conclusion from this article is that Modest fashion is not hiding anymore; apparently its too sexy for that.

Modest fashion has front row seats in almost every well-known, trend setting, fashion magazine out there. The fashion runways are finally becoming inspired by ideas far from nudity.

Dressing modestly in the winter is an awesome trend. I love that wearing layers in the winter would be my mother’s way of saying “keep warm,” but Vogue’s high class fashion calls it “a modest fashion trend.” A trend that’s easy for all trendsetters looking to set the next applicable trend to the crowds.

By February, when spring collections start popping up, this trend will wear off and the world will gracefully move on to minimal clothing trends, with maximum exposure. “Less is more” will once again be named the new sexy trend in town.

10 months ago I decided to make modest sexy even when trend setters left it behind. It’s called ModLi.

To ModLi, modest fashion is about being bold and being confident. It’s about dressing to meet your very own expectations of yourself without Vouge-ish trend setters interfering.

Dressing your way, in a world of people who don’t.

Own it.

modest fashion
photos from ModLi.co
modest fahsion
photos from ModLi.co
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