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Is the BBC Anti-Semitic?

A few days ago Israel, once again, went through a traumatic terror attack in which Border Police Staff Sgt. Hadas Malka, 23, was stabbed to death and four more people injured in a terror attack after three Palestinian terrorists using an automatic weapon and knives ran amok at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate before being killed themselves by Israeli Border Police. Once again, reading the article on the BBC website, one would find it difficult to realise that this is what actually happened. The original headline stated, “Three Palestinians killed after deadly stabbing in Jerusalem.” The word “terror” did not even appear once in the entire article and even more bizarrely the terrorist perpetrators were the only ones mentioned in the headline, not the victim. The headline was only changed to the more accurate “Israeli policewoman stabbed to death in Jerusalem”-still without the word “terror” in the entire article (, after a howl of protest and indignation throughout both Israel and the Jewish and non-Jewish world including from such prominent figures as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump Junior.

This is in direct contrast to the BBCs reporting on terror attacks in London. These attacks are consistently referred to as “terror attacks” by the BBC ( In London a few weeks ago the BBC reported, “London attack: Four dead in Westminster terror attack” (  In London (or anywhere else outside of Israel) when a terrorist, inspired by the incitement of militant Islam, murders innocents, it’s a “terror attack.” In Israel, when terrorists, inspired by the incitement of militant Islam, murder innocents the word “terror” is nowhere to be seen in the headline, or indeed the entire article. There is just a “Jerusalem Stabbing” not a “terror attack.”

bbc israel reporting wo terror word

Spoof of the BBC. (C) 2017, “Honest Reporting.”

Why doesn’t the BBC call a terrorist a terrorist if the attack occurs within Israel but only if the attack occurs outside Israel? Why doesn’t the BBC realise that all terror, wherever it happens, from London, to New York, to Sydney, to Cairo, to Jerusalem stems from the same source, incitement by fanatical militant Islam to go out murder “non believers” in order to establish a pan-Muslim caliphate? Why does the BBC have double standards in the language and sentiments it uses to describe terror attacks inside Israel? Why are the reports sanitised of the words “terror,” “terrorist” or indeed the word “murder?”

The BBC’s policy of reporting terror attacks with a different lexicon if they occur inside Israel is a prime example of the double standard utilised by vast swaths of the international media towards Israel and may even contribute somehow to the pseudo-legitimisation of these terror attacks themselves. Despite the BBC’s “regret” over the initial headline this is only the latest part of Orwellian pattern where the victim seems to be blamed for the terror attack if the victim happens to be Jewish/Israeli. This leads to the serious question. Is the BBC Anti-Semitic? What other explanation could there be for this bizarre and fact-distorting “reporting” from a premier news organisation?



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Dr. Tuvia Book was born in London and raised in both the UK and South Africa. After making Aliya at the age of 17 and studying in Yeshiva he volunteered for the IDF, where he served in an elite combat unit. Upon his discharge he completed his BA at Bar-Ilan University, as well as certification in graphic design. He then served as the Information Officer at the Israeli Consulate of Philadelphia, while earning a graduate degree in Jewish Studies. Upon his return to Israel, Dr. Book graduated from a course of study with the Israeli Ministry of Tourism, and is a licensed tour guide. Tuvia has been working in the field of Jewish Education, both formal and informal, for many years. He has guided and taught Jewish students and educators from around the English-speaking world for some of Israel’s premier educational institutions and programs. Tuvia has been guiding groups for Birthright Israel since its inception and, in addition, has lectured throughout North America, Australia, Europe and South Africa. Tuvia served as a Shaliach (emissary) for the Jewish Agency for Israel as the Director of Israel and Zionist Education at the Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York (Jewish Education Project). He was a lecturer/educational guide at the Alexander Muss Institute for Israel Education (AMIIE) in Israel for a decade. Tuvia has lectured at both Bar Ilan University and Hebrew University. He was a Senior Editor and Teaching Fellow at the Tikvah Fund. He is a research associate at the Hudson Institute. Tuvia is the author and illustrator the internationally acclaimed Israel education curriculum; "For the Sake of Zion; A Curriculum of Israel Studies" (Fifth edition, Koren 2017), and "Moral Dilemmas of the Modern Israeli Soldier" (Rama, 2011) and has a doctorate in Israel Education. His latest book, "Jewish Journeys, The Second Temple Period to the Bar Kokhba Revolt – 536 BCE-136 CE," was published by Koren this year. To order:
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