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Is the coronavirus pandemic revealing an evil plot or a divine message?

Are you also sick and tired of stupid baseless rumors, wicked conspiracy theories, and false prophets pasting G^d’s Name on their own angry hobby horses to maliciously “explain” the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak?

In case you think this overview is too long, I read 15,000 words to summarize here, so I save you a lot of reading; count your blessings.

I tried to collect some of it for a virtual museum of hatred. But I did more.

Tomorrow, I’ll dare to suggest true scientific and possible moral reasons! No science fiction, no crime novels, and no false prophecies. Really?

Of Wicked Conspiracy Theories and Stupid Baseless Rumors

Most ideas by most people are not noted. They fall under ‘Dog bites man.’ The below are exceptions.

Someone once told me, most people are OK and decent. They pass through life without ever making the front page of the paper. Now, he was a Holocaust survivor but from an area where there was no antisemitism. Had he lived through Nazi Germany in the Thirties or the Hebron Pogrom of 1929, he might not have said opined so mildly about humanity.

Still, most Americans may believe in SF more-fictional-than scientific extra-territorial life but those imaginations are not malicious, stemming from or leading to hatred.

From stupid to vile here are many suggestions why we have this pandemic.

Reasons for the coronavirus outbreak – Malicious Man

The coverage of the coronavirus is a media hoax and distraction designed to frighten the public. On, the other hand, its impact is far worse than authorities want people to think. (Both conflicting lies tolerate each other. Just like Jews are all rich and all unsuccessful in society.)

Malicious Man – A US Complot

Countries most hit by the epidemic and most secretive about their failures or even inactivity to fight it, seem to be more invested in blaming others.

One wonders if the citizens of these countries believe any of it. They see their people dying and the government doing nothing and not caring.


Iran’s supreme leader Sunday refused US assistance to fight the coronavirus because it was man-made by America. They don’t want to help. They will spread the virus more. If they send therapists and doctors it’s probably to study the effect of the poison that was partly built for Iran.


Also Chinese officials suggested the US army could have brought the epidemic to Wuhan. The US owes us an explanation!


From Syria — you remember, the regime that gassed its own population — comes this beauty: From Ebola, Zika, SARS, avian flu and swine flu, through anthrax and mad cow disease to the corona[virus] – all these deadly viruses were manufactured by the US and threaten to annihilate the peoples of the world through biological warfare. Look who is talking!

Malicious Man – The Jews and the Bicycle Riders

Why the bicycle riders? Why the Jews?

The Jews apparently have interrupted poisoning the wells (one of the most classical conspiracy theories and blood libels against Jews) and have now created a vicious virus, supposedly.


In Turkey, much animosity surfaced with the onset of their coronavirus problems. There are little testing and much pretense that it’s not that bad there. Compare the decades of denial of AIDS in many countries.

Turks continued gathering at mosques because a virus cannot spread in Allah’s house. No one dies before their time. I would come to the mosque even if I knew I would die because of it.

From columnists and high ranking politicians to social media and the public. Here are some disturbing quotes:

The coronavirus is a Zionist plot spread by Jews to decrease the world population. The Jews, a cursed race, will do anything to end the lineage of the Turks, no, to bring the world to its knees. Zionism is a five-thousand-year-old bacteria that has caused the suffering of people.

This is a fascist plan. Once they have finished their work with the gays and lesbians, the subversion and sterilization of the family, maybe tomorrow the Israelis will present the vaccine for corona, and they will add something sterilizing to it.

All outbreaks, from AIDS to Ebola, were created by pharmaceutical companies, that belong to the rich, the Jews.

Turkey wouldn’t be Turkey if its paranoid dictator and his supporters wouldn’t have blamed the virus on the opposition and infidels.


In South Africa, the claim was made that Israel is discriminating against its Arab citizens with regard to treatment for coronavirus, and that the Health Ministry’s guidelines are not being issued in Arabic.


A Jewish celebrity even chipped in that Israel has been working on a [coronavirus] vaccine for a year already and has put lives at risk for profit. Later, she apologized claiming that fear and toxic misleading information had confused her. And she first tried to prove that she’s not an antisemite.

Malicious Man – A Complot by the US and the Jews

The Iranian regime wrote that both Israel and the United States (and American Jews, of course) were spreading the virus as a form of “biological warfare” directed against both Iran and China.


The Arab press has blamed both Israel and the US as specifically targeting China and the Arab world this time but also with earlier pandemics.

From Egyptian comes that American factories are the first to manufacture every kind of virus and bacteria, from the virulent smallpox virus and the bubonic plague virus to all the viruses we saw in the recent years, such as mad cow disease and swine flu. The masterminds behind it will reap the billions of dollars spent by China on emergency treatments and medicines, which, by the way, will be manufactured by an Israeli company.


The next one claims (why don’t these scammers know how to spell?) that Bill Gates made a fortune by first creating computer viruses and then anti-virus software. This, of course, is not proven, just stated. He made his fortune inventing computers, never mind. But now — listen well, o horror of horrors! — he makes viruses for humans to then sell medications! Together with others (a hospital), he ran a simulation of it 3 months before the outbreak that predicted 65 million deaths from a coronavirus. And he predicted this outbreak.

And now the facts. This was not a simulation but a medical exercise. When the fire brigade or the army train, should we also assume that they are predicting a giant fire or war? And in 2015, he warned for such a scenario — which is different from predicting too. And the Gates are giving away their fortune to charities — why would they be hungry for so much more?

But you want to say: “But he’s not Jewish”! That’s what you and he think. But the Internet knows things that cannot even ever be proven!

Reasons for the coronavirus outbreak – Divine Intervention

It’s very easy to say that G^d hates the people you hate and He now brought this pandemic to show His anger. We need to believe them on their ‘holy’ word because they have no proof for their conjunction. Where necessary, I will show that these self-serving pronouncements are false and what is more likely if at all we would be able to read G^d’s Mind.

Generally, the bigoted false prophets just recycle the hatred they always exude updated for this pandemic.

Religious Leaders Join the Melee – Christian

Rev. Ralph Drollinger attributed the coronavirus pandemic to God’s wrath over the depraved minds of gays and environmentalists.

Christian Paster Rick Wiles, who earlier claimed that the effort to impeach President Trump was a Jew coup, now said that the spread of coronavirus in synagogues is a punishment of the Jewish people for opposing Jesus.

To connect Jews to a plague is as old as the Middle Ages, of course.

Religious Leaders Join the Melee – Muslim

An unnamed Muslim preacher also knew the epidemic’s true meaning. He claimed it to be a trial from Almighty Allah for the believers and a punishment for the sinners, unleashed on those who attack His believers.


Friday prayers in Medina, Saudi-Arabia, almost without worshippers is as if God rejects them. Of course, hatred for Jews and Israel is never far from the preacher’s heart or lips.

Religious Leaders Join the Melee – Jewish

But this time, honor where honor is due, the Jews were not the first to be slandered for supposedly creating this menace for humanity. No, the first were the Chinese or the Americans. But swiftly followed by the Jews, of course. Don’t rabbis hesitate to join this diverse chorus of haters?

Corona comes to punish us for allowing Gay-Parades, courtesy Rabbi Meir Mazuz. G^d has not yet punished the Orthodox rabbis (and the people who let them) for persecuting Gays for 50 years already. Surely, it won’t be pretty. USA Christian Church Pastor Steven Andrew designated the month of March as “Repent of LGBT Sin Month,” and said that “Obeying God protects the USA from diseases, such as the coronavirus.” As if being pious will absolve you from looking both ways when you cross the street. As if it’s better to ‘not hurt G^d’s feelings’ than to have grace for Gays. (Not!) How do they sit so happily with Muslim gay-haters and gay-murderers?

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson implied it was a punishment for eating meat of a living animal. He has no proof but that never stopped Bible Coders. The Codes also show Churchill’s assassination. But he died in bed of old age.

For the Chief Rabbi of Safed Shmuel Eliyahu, this seems an encouragement to us to be better at keeping Shabbat. But I don’t think that there is much proof in the Pope admitting that all people need some sense of Shabbat. Especially not because he actually said this years ago. Fake news.

Chief Rabbi Shlomo Aviner saw this as G^d trying to teach us humbleness. G^d as stronger than Medical Science? So, when the plague is contained and the virus defeated, also G^d is beaten? Logic never stops people who speak for G^d and are not humble (!) enough to say “I don’t know.”

Rabbi Mendel Kessin knows that it’s harder to die when you’re a saint. So, don’t slander Jews and you’ll be safer. That’s however not at all what we see on earth and especially not during a plague. Especially the saintly go first, Heaven forbid, as I will argue and show below.

Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo is chronically irritated about people taking being alive, its goodness, and its mysteries for granted. So, for him, this viral pandemic must be a Divine wakeup call. It could work like that but why does He assume that the caller is G^d? No proof is suggested.

This was way too long. In the next blog post, I hope to share the second half with IMHO true non-contrived reasons for the coronavirus pandemic.

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