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Is Ye having a mental breakdown?

Ben Shapiro said that Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) was having a mental breakdown when he went off about his love for Adolf Hitler. This is based on the assumption that a Black man cannot be a Nazi due to their distain for non-Aryan people. A cursory glance of history tells us that Hitler worked with partners from all backgrounds, including (but not limited to) Muslims and Japanese. In other words, Nazis were as much opportunistic as they were ideological.

Why Would Ye Partner With Nick Fuentes?

Like many of you, I have never heard of this character before. In light of his visit with Trump I decided to do a little bit of digging, falling progressively deeper into the rabbithole. An avowed Catholic, he sees his country under attack by Jews and Jewish controlled interests. This trope is as old as time itself, repeated generation after generation without respite or relief. This rhetoric is a direct copy of the language spoken in the German Weimar Republic. Like then, we too are facing socio-economic uncertainties. 

What Does Fuentes Represent?

Despite his Spanish surname, Fuentes is a dedicated white identitarian, someone directly at odds with multiculturalism and diversity. In fact, this is the ultimate clash of civilizations, with each side gaining allies. His views are directly at odds with my views, as someone who is a proud Torontonian and Canadian. Unlike Fuentes, I have never seen other races as my enemies, at least here in Canada. While I accept that I have an ideological difference with Palestinian supporters (who wish to eradicate the Jewish homeland), I cannot hate them. Taking that into consideration, I cannot let people defame our people with at least some push back. 

Elon Opens Up Twitter

As you may have heard, Mr. Musk has opened up the platform to everyone. This is in light of a breaking scandal that proved that the Democratic Party fed them guidelines for content and circulation. This story is quite big, possibly rivaling the meeting between a former president and two Hitler admirers. This was done (assuming) for altruistic purposes, with people emphasizing the ends and not the means. While this makes for great television it is neither new nor interesting. We have seen Nixon and Watergate and we have news fatigue. Summarizing this point, people are rejecting the mass media and moving into specific niches, some being extremely antisemitic in nature. 

What Do Ye, Fuentes, and Milo All Have In Common?

In case you didn’t catch it, Milo was the one who arranged the meeting between Trump and Fuentes, having introduced them beforehand. Milo knew exactly what he was doing, admitting that he had malevolent intentions. While this makes for great theatre, it was not inline with Fuentes’ objectives. 

In case you are wondering who Milo is, he is an “ex-homosexual” conservative activist clinging to any form of fame or fortune. This has caused him to take big risks, spouting a whole bunch of nonsense and seeing what sticks. While it was successful for a while, his vulgarity came back to bite him in the tuchas when he was canceled for condoning pederasty, something that his conservative base (rightly) rejected. In a quick turn of a dime, the half-Jewish provocateur reinvented himself as a Christian Identitarian. Stealing some language from Mein Kampf-and other garbage-he went directly for the alt-right and their fascist bedfellows.

Ya, it’s the Jews

In light of Musk opening up the platform, other competitors have similarly followed suit. As such, you will notice a lot more hateful material online, especially on Tiktok. This is a result of Tencent mimicking Western cultural standards, allowing material that is within certain perimeters. In other words, haters are free to hate as much as they want, provided that they do not make clear threats. They can make general threats as much as they want, publishing media that paints us in a very negative light. 

Going Forward

Fuentes is right when he claims that Jews prefer diversity. Due to our small population, we often find ourselves being the “only Jew in the room”, allowing us to get to know people that are very different from ourselves. Our religion commands us to love the stranger as ourselves, leading to our strong social contributions in our greater communities. David Duke (and his posse) do not think too kindly of our worldview, preferring to live in a majority white Christian nation. Furthermore, they are claiming that we control the media, something that I heavily disagree with. I believe that an African and an Asian run the media, with the owners of Twitter and Titktok hailing from those respective continents. 

Stand Together

I believe that Ye knew exactly what he was doing when he went off on his antisemetic ranks. He wanted to push the limits to see how far he could go. With his “white lives matter” shirt and his exaltation of Hitler, Western discourse has made Jew hatred permissible. We are many years after the end of World War 2, with few remaining survivors alive to tell their story. Even though we are blessed to have some active on Tiktok, they are repeatedly subjected to name calling and other insults. While some admit that 6 million of our kin perished in the war, they see it as “appropriate” due to “our conduct”. 

We Have Friends

We had friends then and we had friends now. 

While they are our friends for different reasons, I am grateful that they speak up for us, despite the hate that they receive. 

May the Lord Shine His Light On Your Face and give you Peace.

Team Israel Crew

  1. Indian Hindus (team Modi)
  2. American Evangelicals
  3. Filipinos
  4. Canadian religious WASPS
  5. Vietnamese 
  6. Singaporeans 
  7. Baptists, Messianic Jews, Pentecostals 
  8.  Nigerian Christians
  9. Biafrans
  10. Conservative Anglicans (not woke)
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Jeremy Golan is a registered officiant, school chaplain, and teacher living in Toronto Canada. A staunch supporter of the Jewish State, he is interested in creating peace through dialogue.
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