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Israel by the Numbers – Count Me In

No Shortage of Numbers (Free to Use Photo by Jan van der Wolf from Pexels)

The writing was on the wall. The writing was, quite literally, on the wall.

Swastikas adorned synagogue walls. Juden raus, Jews Out, appeared on walls around towns and cities.

And yet, the Jews of Germany were unable to see what was happening. They had lived in Germany, been German citizens, identified with German culture, for many years, even centuries. How could their fellow Germans, their own neighbours, turn against them? In their worst nightmares they could not have seen the concentration camps, the ovens, awaiting them.

There was a short period when they could have left. Sadly, very few attempted to leave and start new lives in a less threatening environment.

In recent days, Israel’s legitimate attempts to defend herself against the terrorists that have seized control of the Gaza Strip has brought Europe’s anti-Semites out of the woodwork.

In the United Kingdom, anti-Semitism has risen to unprecedented heights. Some 116 anti-Semitic incidents were reported after Hamas terrorists started launching rockets into Israeli cities. While most were verbal, some were physical attacks that led to injuries requiring hospitalization. An unprovoked Palestinian attack on Israel was reason enough to attack Jews in London.

British Jews, like many in the diaspora, are feeling unsafe. They wonder if their time in the United Kingdom is coming to an end. Just last month, cars with Palestinian flags and blasting Arabic music made their way from Bradford to Golders Green, the very heart of Jewish London.

So why, we ask, are there still Jews living in the UK? It is not pre-war Germany. British Jews have a simple solution – come home to Israel. Don’t wait for the pogroms to start, get out – now.

And to encourage you, take a look at these figures ……….

Average hours of sun a year:
xxxLondon 1,481
xxxTel Aviv 3,330
Average rainy days a year:
xxxLondon 150
xxxTel Aviv-Yafo 57
Unemployment rate:
xxxUK 4.9 %
xxxIsrael around 3.78 %

And don’t be put off by tales of low salaries.
In UK the average monthly salary is NIS 11,942 (2,622 British Pounds)
In Israel the average monthly salary is NIS 11,538.
Is it worth living in fear for less than 90 quid?

You are, however, more likely to own a car in the UK.
Cars per 1,000 inhabitants
xxxUK 471
xxxIsrael 394
But this is partly due to Israel’s very young population with an average age of just 30. The UK population is older, with an average age of 41 (but cannot rival Monaco with an average age of 55).
Israel also has excellent public transport. It is much cheaper to call a taxi when you need one than to own a car.

You will not starve in Israel. Tel Aviv alone has around 4,000 restaurants.

If you need a synagogue, there is no shortage. While there are around 450 in the entire UK, in Jerusalem alone there are so many that no one has an exact figure, although it is certainly in the thousands.

And if all these numbers are giving you a headache ….
Doctors per 1,000 inhabitants
xxxUK    2.8
xxxIsrael 4.6

I have written a number of blogs on this subject. I look forward to a time when we are all together in our own land and such a blog would be meaningless. We are waiting for you.

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