Israel Does Heavy Lifting for the World

Hydra of Terrorism
Hydra of Terrorism

Israel, that pesky little democratic country in the middle of some vicious nations, always seems to be doing heavy lifting, not just for itself but for the entire world. How so, you may ask? Well, single handedly, with the help of its superb intelligence and army, it takes out lethal elements, some in the form of suicide bombers, others in the form of Hamas and other terrorist organizations; terrorism as the world recognizes it. To me, Israel’s ways are a thing of marvel because sooner or later, these elements would have run wild in the rest of the world as well. This is a big favor, if you ask me.

Look at what the American president did in Syria; he led from behind and consequently couldn’t see who was in front of him! Those rebels turned out to be Islamic State, the same ruthless beings now creating death and destruction in Iraq. If not for some sensible dropping of a few bombs, IS was on its way through Palestine, Syria and Lebanon to eventually land in Israel, It’s a good thing, Netanyahu doesn’t always listen to Obama; in fact, he should never listen to him because if he did, ISIS would be at its doors, Iran would be waiting like a hawk and Hamas would have dug tunnels under every house in Israel!

Islamic terrorism is a Hydra that continues to grow and spread. It’s difficult to know where its head is and where its body is. Israel by attacking the Hydra, actually does a favor to the rest of the world. While they express support for the Hydra, Israel quietly does its work of getting rid of as many tentacles as possible even though the Islamic Hydra is known to grow new tentacles pretty quick. Perhaps a thank you to Israel is due; perhaps it can start with the ineffectual UN that sends out unmasked support for Hamas and other terrorists; maybe it’s time the world said a collective thank you to Israel for wiping out garbage as much as possible.

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