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Israel is at the forefront of education technology

Illustrative image of a boy searching for books in Jerusalem's Intercol school supply store (Jessica Steinberg/Times of Israel)
Illustrative image of a boy searching for books in Jerusalem's Intercol school supply store (Jessica Steinberg/Times of Israel)

Israel is arguably a place of converging innovative ideas. It seems there is a new culture of education technology startups springing up throughout the country. Because technology is increasingly becoming a part of peoples’ daily lives, countries in North America and Europe should take note of what these Israeli ed-tech startups are doing.

These 100+ startups are producing education technologies designed to improve learning styles of all types of learners. Israel is leading the way in technologies designed to improve learning of students affected by mental illness.

I recently read an article written by Israel21c that showcased an Israeli-innovation. This innovation is a high school with a classroom designed for students who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. Distraction-free learning is made possible by assembling a classroom that distraction-free décor, bouncy chairs made from yoga balls, walled-off study/tutoring cubicles and desks on wheels. The classroom is at Darca High School in Kiryat Malachi.

As a person who has grown up with ADHD and struggle with it in the classroom, this wood have been a close to a dream for my high school years. If this invention proves to be successful in the long-term, it might not be a bad idea for primary and secondary schools in North America and Europe to adopt the invention to many of their schools. Just imagining what could be accomplished from students with ADHD is an intriguing thought. Especially now that they would be better able to learn because of their minimized distractions in the classroom.

These yoga balls sound like quite the witty idea for ADHD students, they are designed to provide students with an outlet for their restlessness that ADHD brings. As principal Michal Hazan told Israel21c,

 “For example, the students explained that it is very hard for them to sit on regular chairs and concentrate, while the teachers said that the students keep moving and shifting during classes,” says Hazan. “Thus, the chairs made of yoga balls within a frame were designed to channel the students’ energy and give it an outlet.”

Another area of education that North America and Europe should be watching Israel is in the ed-tech startup industry and their innovations.

STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) is becoming an area of importance in schools around the world. And Israel21c has reported on new ecosystem of Israeli startups that are creating ed-tech tools centered around STEM. As Israel21c reports, these startups are:

“Using technologies such as augmented reality, gaming and virtual reality – to enhance and transform the learning environment for all ages, learning styles and settings.”

The good news for the spread of these innovations is the ever-increasing international presence of Israeli ed-tech startups. As Israel21c’s article Israel’s Startup Ecosystem Makes Way For Ed-tech explains:

“After meeting at last year’s UK Israel Tech Hub event, Oxford University Press decided to collaborate with Israeli startups Tiny Tap, Total Boox and KIDOZ  to enhance its online education services. Digitizing educational materials, providing cross-platform interactive lessons, and electronic distribution of e-books are among the projects planned.”

With Israel’s eye on improving the learning of ADHD students and its contributions to enhancing STEM learning, it is clear that education professionals throughought the world should keep a watch on the latest ed-tech innovations coming out of the tiny country. After all, education technology could be the future of global learning.

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Allison Barksdale is a senior convergence journalism major at Abilene Christian University who has a heart for Israel and enjoys writing about Israel's numerous contributions in her spare time.
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