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Israel is becoming a military dictature

There is a lot, and I do mean A LOT of disinformation from the mainstream media about the judicial reform spearheaded by Yariv Levin and I think a little ‘mise au point’ is necessary.

Before I go on, I have to make this disclaimer: I am not a jurist or a law specialist, only a simple and concerned Israeli citizen.

I was born in France and grew up in Canada in the late 70’s and 80’s (and early 90’s) before I made Aliyah to Israel in 1994. I dare say, therefore, that I know a little bit about what is democracy.

The word itself comes from the greek words Demo and Krato meaning people, the masses (demo) and might or ruling power (krato). Hence, democracy literally means ‘power to the masses’. NOT to the Supreme Court, or to the military (with all do respect) or to the journalists of the mainstream media, OR (again with all do respect) the US President, but to every Israeli citizen, all of us together.

How do we know what the masses want? In Ancient Greece the people of Athens would meet in an outdoor theatre and vote on different issues by raising their hands. In the modern world where we have thousands of km square of country and millions of citizens, that’s highly impractical so we vote representatives in the assembly and those with the majority rule and form the government.

So when we talk about the judicial reform, the first point that MUST be in everybody’s mind is that the coalition formed by the likkud represents the majority of voters and to say that they don’t have the right to pass whatever law they want (given of course that it respects the basic human laws) is in itself anti-democratic.

Contrarily to what is pumped day and night by the Yisraeli mainstream media and members of the judicial themselves, democracy IS NOT there to defend the minority, that’s not its role. Democracy literally means the rule of the majority at the expense of the minority. It’s literally in the name.

How then do we prevent the majority to become tyrannical to those who oppose the government? That’s where the Supreme Court comes into play.

What we call liberal modern democracies, initiated by the American Revolution and the French one two decades later, have Constitutions, documents ascertaining certain basic rights (speech, press, movement, assembly, opinion, etc…) that whatever the case and whoever is in power, cannot pass laws that would contradict these basic principles.

The role of the Supreme Court is to give their interpretation of the law in such a manner that if a government passes a bill that is challenged as one that might go against these basic principles, the court must give the decision if they do or not, and if not, order the government to redraft or annulate the law so the constitution is not violated. In Yisrael we do not have a constitution but some basic laws that act as one.

Mind you, as you see, the Supreme Court is not here to ‘defend’ the minority, or the majority for that matter. The role of the Supreme Court is to uphold the law so EVERY citizen, regardless of if they are in the majority or minority, are protected by the constitution.

But now the left has found a new way to pressure the government.

They support, or at least don’t outright condemn pilots serving in the reserve who will refuse to serve if the reform passes.

The pilots themselves say that it’s not refusing an order since they’re in the reserve and just decide not to show up and the Yisraeli army depends greatly on its reserve force to maintain a fighting level, without the reserves we’d be in a bad place.

The pilots know that and have decided to shamelessly threaten to put the country in danger if the laws pass.

Their claim is that if the laws pass, the country will become a dictature.

That’s complete bs, but many believe that and a good portion of the population have given in to the fake narrative and really believe we’re about to become a religious dictature (pure bs) and they don’t want to serve a country like that.

To be fair, not all the pilots think like that. Of course, you can count on the media to amplify the voice of those who think politically like them, but now the mass hysteria has gone to other units too and more than 10 000 reservists have said that if the law to minimize the use of ‘reasonableness’ in the judiciary passes sunday night, they will stop to serve.

The very concept of it is absurd, the military doing pressure on the government to not pass a law, supposedly to ‘save’ democracy. Can’t anyone see the cruel irony in that?

In what democracy can the military pressure a government to not pass a law? This is a textbook example of a military dictatorship.

What next? Will the soldiers say that they won’t serve if they don’t like the results of the next elections? In any other country, anyone involved would have been thrown to jail but sadly, because it aligns with the political agenda of the mainstream media and the judiciary, they’re quite complacent about it.

And what’s to prevent a full military takeover of the government? After all, if the soldiers doing this REALLY believe democracy is in danger, this is the next logical step.

An argument i hear often by those who refuse to serve is that ‘the contract is broken’ and that they must defend democracy.

There is no ‘contract’ you do not serve ‘only if…’ that’s preposterous. Also, democracy is not a guy, the army does not defend it, that’s what elections and the courts are for.

The role of the army is not to defend democracy but the citizens.

Like Netanyhu said two days ago, if we cave now, we really will stop being a democracy as a group of soldiers will have successfully pressured a democratically elected government and if it happens on one side of the political map, it can happen on the other as well. That’s the danger of opening the door to this.

If, say, there is a new retreat from Judea Samaria and thousands of soldiers say: “We won’t serve”, I’m PRETTY SURE the left, mainstream media and the US won’t take that state of affair with a smile. But by not firmly condemning what is happening now, you open the door for it to happen and when it does, you’ll say: “Why did we supported it when it suited us politically? Now it has come to bite us in the ass.”

So no, the army should not IN ANY CASE be mixed with politics.

Just a clarification here, army service is mandatory and everyone do the reserve (including me) and the vast majority are against this. But a small amount of ideologically motivated people in the most important part of the army have have decided to, basically, hold the whole country hostage and this is disgusting, but the majority of people, thank God, know better than do that.

If Bibi cede to the demand, Yisrael will have become de facto a military dictatorship and we can’t allow that.

The US and EU would be the first to regret such a developpement but they would have been responsible for it happening by supporting the opposition so openly.

You reap what you sow.


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I was born in France and grew up in Montreal, Canada. I made Aliyah at age 21, out of Zionism and the deep religious feeling that my place is here, in Eretz Yisrael.
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