Israel Must Defeat Iran To Secure Its Borders From Islamic Militants’ Attacks

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Many would oppose if I say, “Israel must defeat Hamas to secure its borders from Islamic militants.” But if I say, “Israel must defeat Iran to secure its borders from Islamic Militants’ attacks,” I’m sure the majority of people would support my idea.

It might be strong language, but it’s true. Everyone knows who’s behind the Islamic groups that always try to break Israeli security. It’s not that Israel has fragile security, but it’s the Islamic groups that want to break.

In the Middle East, a region often shadowed by conflict, the tension between Israel and Iran has become now particularly intense. For about six months, Israel has been in a tough fight with groups supported by Iran, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Houthis. These clashes have pushed these groups to their limits and have started to change the regional dynamics.

Iran has usually avoided direct conflict with Israel even though it used proxy groups to fight, but now finds itself in a difficult position. The loyalty of its supported groups is faltering, forcing Iran to act.

So, Iran was trying to find out a chance to act. The opportunity came for Iran to take direct action when Israel targeted the Iranian consulate in Damascus with an airstrike.

Iran didn’t waste the chance.

As a retaliation for the airstrike, Iran fired over 320 missiles at Israel, a significant step up in their confrontation. However, this attack didn’t work out as Iran had hoped. Iran realized going to war with Israel was not as easy as it expected. This attack showed weaknesses in Iran’s military approach.

On the flip side, Israel and its allies quickly intercepted most of these missiles. This effective defense indicates that Iran might not be as strong as it claimed. As a result, the confidence level of the Israelis went up.

Besides, the Iranian Islamic regime is facing a growing domestic problem. The regime’s strict rules are increasingly unpopular among Iranians who yearn for the freedoms they once knew. The people of Iran were free before the regime captured the country. The people of Iran want to be free now, which could significantly cause domestic unrest that might shake the present regime.

Recently, Reza Pahlavi, the Crown Prince of Iran, spoke on Sky News. He pointed out that the Iranian people didn’t and wouldn’t support their current government. He further argued that instead of continuing with diplomacy and appeasement with the regime, the world should support the Iranian people.

Of course, many, like the Crown Prince of Iran, believe that the fall of the Islamic Republic will free the people of Iran and Israel from 45 years of terror.

But the question is how?

Someone has to initiate.

It might also be Israel that could step up first, as Israel now has the opportunity to do so, as Iran revealed its weakness through its failed attack.

Israel knows now that Iran isn’t as strong as previously thought. At the same time, this isn’t just about military might; it’s about seizing the moment to shift the balance of power in the region, too. A decisive move could not only handle immediate threats but could also encourage change within Iran, helping those who oppose the regime to speak out.

Sometimes, many misinterpret Israel’s actions. But they should know that Israel’s conflict is not with Islam or Muslims in general. Israel is home to a diverse mix of cultures, including many Muslims who actively contribute to the nation’s defense against threats like Hamas.

As the situation unfolds, the outcomes will likely impact more than just the immediate area. Any change in Iran’s position or a shift in its government could have widespread effects across the Middle East. While the journey to peace has many challenges, the current situation offers Israel a chance to secure its borders, lessen the threat of militant groups, and possibly start a new chapter in regional relations.

Many may suggest dealing with Iran diplomatically. But, analyzing the past few decades of how the present Iranian Islamic regime used proxy groups to shatter Israeli security doesn’t seem like without war, only verbal peaceful diplomacy would solve the problem.

If that calculation is correct, then Israel has to take quick action, and the action will not only secure Israelis from the threat but also free the Iranian peace-loving people from 75 years of oppression.

No matter which way, Israel must defeat Iran to secure its borders from Islamic Militants’ attacks, like on October 7, 2023. The October 7 should never be repeated in the future on Israeli soil. 

Finally, looking ahead, the path is filled with potential risks, but careful and principled action is necessary. The decisions Israel makes now will shape the region’s future of security and stability.

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Purna Lal Chakma is from Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, one of the most persecuted Christians. He studied M.Th. and has 14 years of experience pastoring in an Islamic-majority country like Bangladesh. He is an experienced person about how radical Islamists see Christians and Jews. He also knows how Islamists think about Israel. Now, he is just a simple travel blogger in Tokyo.
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