Israel needs bi-partisan support in the US

Goebbels probably was spinning in his grave every time the Trump Administration acted in support of Israel; getting out of the JCPOA, moving our embassy to Jerusalem, accepting the reality of the Golan being part of Israel, helping various Arab countries to establish diplomatic relationships with Israel…. but likely the spinning stopped when the master of Nazi propaganda, from 6 feet down, saw how Trump is deviously planting doubt in (some) people’s mind about the legality of the November 3 Presidential elections.

However supportive (thankfully) the Trump Administration has been of Israel, it is shocking to see how the Trump Campaign has been spreading lies about the elections just like Goebbels did about the Jews. Just repeat a lie often enough and people will start to believe it….

Many in my family and circle of friends are staunch supporters of Trump, not just for his support of Israel but also for standing up against China, because of the pre-Covid economy, and also because of an understandable fear of the radical left wing of the Democrats. I respect those feelings and even mostly agree.

However, I regret how Trump has divided the country and how he damaged the bi-partisan support of Israel. I know already that at times I will be disappointed by the the Biden Administration and the inclusion of John Kerry does not inspire confidence for those concerned about US support for Israel. Therefore it is crucial that Aipac and others, including the Israeli Government, work hard at re-establishing the traditional friendship between Democrats and Israel.

Many may not believe that the Two-State solution is workable, that negotiating with Iran will lead to anything positive, but let us not bury the Biden Administration for trying. We must make sure that it will keep its eyes widespread open and keep it from repeating the Obama-Kerry fiascos of the Sunset clause, insufficient verification mechanism, exclusion of a ban of ballistic missiles, of the JCPOA, but let us give Biden a chance.

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