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Israel on the Brink: An Imminent Threat to Civil Rights

In the winding path of human history, the rise of regimes that sought to silence voices and suppress truths has been a haunting specter. For many, the proposed regulations by Communications Minister Karhi carry echoes reminiscent of dictatorial regimes. I have lived through such a time, experiencing the Brazilian dictatorship from 1964 to 1983. I know all too well the weight of censorship, the stifling grip it places on society, and the collateral damage that ensues.

The tentacles of censorship stretch beyond mere suppression of speech. They delve into the psyche, creating an atmosphere of fear, mistrust, and self-censorship. Once a society ventures down this path, the erosion of its democratic principles becomes all too imminent. To be in a place where factually correct statements could be curtailed at a minister’s whim is to be on the precipice of a dark abyss.

The nature of the disaster — resulting in the tragic, amoral, and violent loss of over a thousand lives — calls for a nuanced and thoughtful response. One can understand the deep concern regarding Hamas. However, any attempt to oversimplify the narrative by directly equating Hamas to the evils of Nazism not only distorts history but further polarizes an already fragmented landscape. Such rhetoric, while possibly galvanizing to some, only serves to deepen divisions rather than pave the way for dialogue and understanding.

One must ask: What constitutes “aiding the enemy”? Could my writings on this very blog, critical of the very country I chose to immigrate to, be considered a threat? Could my experiences under the Brazilian dictatorship, and my fervent pleas to ensure Israel does not tread a similar path, be silenced?

To see Israel, a nation founded on the principles of democracy and the refuge for many escaping persecution, leaning towards policies that threaten these very foundations is deeply disconcerting. The shadow of the past warns us of the perils of complacency. We must resist any attempts to stifle our voices, to rewrite our truths, and to reshape our collective conscience. Our Israel must not become a dictatorship.

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Gil Mildar is a 60-year-old Brazilian who made Aliyah a few years ago. He holds a Law degree from the Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos in Brazil and a postgraduate degree in Marketing from the Universidad de Belgrano in Argentina. Over the years, he has had the opportunity to work in Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, and now Israel. For the past 30 years, his focus has been on marketing projects in Latin America.
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