Israel to release 26 more terrorists for the third time in 2013

For the third time this year, the Israeli government under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, agreed to release another 26 Palestinian terrorists who were convicted of the murder of innocent Israeli civilians. The release is scheduled for next week.

This release is not only legitimizes terrorism but it gives the leaders of these terror groups more confidence to send murderers into Israeli cities, knowing in time they will be sent back home.

But even worst than that, this release comes after numerous terrorist attacks throughout Israel.

No other country fights as much to prevent terrorism as Israel, but at the same time is willing to release murders of their citizens for no reason.

I say again, I strongly believe that the leadership of Israel must be changed, and the sooner the better, giving all of us 26 reasons to be extremely disappointed again in their actions.

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Jacob Kimchy, the Publisher of, lost his father, Rami Kimchy Z”L in a suicide attack in Rishon L’Tzion, Israel. Kimchy is the Author of “A NEW SUNRISE” , memoir / motivational guide slated for publication in early 2015.
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