Alex Shatkhin
Alex Shatkhin

Israel under attack: Erdogan vs. Jerusalem!

The world community is watching with horror the new “massacre” that is taking place between Israel and Palestinian terrorist organizations. Israeli politicians unanimously said that this is the largest-scale rocket attack on Israeli cities from the Gaza Strip.

New weapons and such a large number of Hamas militants were able to produce thanks to the lull that has been between Israel and Palestine in recent years and, of course, thanks to financial assistance from their donors. If earlier everyone understood that Iran and Qatar were the sponsors of Hamas, now Turkey is providing active support to the Palestinian terrorists. Prime Minister Erdogan does not hide his anti-Israeli views and in recent years has been doing everything to become the main advocate for Palestinian extremists. The latest call from the Turkish authorities to Russian President Putin with an appeal to “punish Israel as severely as possible” not only outlines a new “axis of evil” Turkey, Russia and Iran, but also shows that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s flirtation with the Russian side was erroneous. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Israel to stop the bombing of the Gaza Strip, forgetting to clarify that this is targeted destruction of terrorists and to call for an end to the violence of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.

The diplomatic game that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are playing is another proof that official Jerusalem is much closer to Riyadh than the Palestinians. After all, the main danger for the Saudis and the Emirates is Iran and the growing political weight of Turkey. An alliance with Israel and the United States is for them the only way to maintain the balance of power in the region and prevent Tehran and Ankara from imposing their will on the rich countries of the Persian Gulf.

In the near future, we will witness a new truce between Israel and Hamas, because no one needs a new war in the Middle East, especially given the Covid-19 pandemic and the stagnation of the global economy.

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